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Emma Jennings: Kentucky deserves Amy McGrath in Washington — and here’s why I am voting for her

Kentucky deserves better than Mitch McConnell, and Amy McGrath is the person we need to choose to take his place. She is genuine, she is determined, and she is willing to fight for what Kentucky, not just her party, needs.

The world and our country are changing rapidly, and Kentucky needs strong, forward-thinking leadership to make sure it doesn’t get left behind in coming years. This pandemic has upended our way of life and forced us to adapt to a new and frightening world; if it’s proved one thing, it’s that the old way of doing things is not always the best way.

When nothing changes, everything stagnates, leading to inefficient government, partisan fighting, and the continued suffering of people who need their government to work for them, not for itself.

Amy McGrath is the shock to the system that Washington desperately needs. She will truly advocate for the wishes of Kentuckians because she is willing to listen to all sides of an issue, not deliberately delay beneficial, bipartisan legislation because it benefits her politically.

Donald Trump attempted to “fix” Washington, and he’s clearly failed.

Amy McGrath

McConnell is too entrenched in his own political games to concern himself with the needs of his constituents. Party politics cannot sway our vote right now. Neither party cares for the people it represents, they care only for increasing their own influence and power. Now is the time to vote for individuals, no matter what side of the aisle they’re on.

Amy McGrath has demonstrated that she’s willing and able to work with everyone who’s willing to get things done, most notably in her Commonwealth, Common Health initiative. Even as a candidate, with no power in government, Amy McGrath has stepped up for the people of Kentucky. Her pragmatism will help improve Kentucky and the nation, creating an example of bipartisanship and cooperation that proves our government can still work for its people.

Amy McGrath has what it takes to improve Kentucky’s infrastructure, healthcare, and economy. She has talked with people across the state, across socioeconomic barriers, across political beliefs. She’s a true grassroots candidate, with support from every county in Kentucky. Her policy goals are straightforward and common-sense: support for a public option insurance plan, for everyone who wants it, which allows people to choose their own insurance and force competition in the industry, giving everyone better insurance for less; increasing jobs and improving the economy by investing in infrastructure projects; and combating Kentucky’s drug problems caused by the opioid epidemic.

Amy McGrath is uniquely situated to fight for all Kentuckians. Her average donation amount is $37, and her campaign has received over one million contributions. This means, unlike Mitch McConnell and his special-interest donors, she answers to the people of Kentucky alone.

Amy McGrath’s dedication to Kentucky will not be shoved aside for political reasons. She will not suggest that bankrupting the state is the best course of action to save the federal government from spending more, she will not open the government just to push through judicial nominations instead of passing emergency pandemic response legislation, and she will not sacrifice Kentucky’s economy to the national agenda.

Instead, she will listen to her constituents, create pragmatic, common-sense legislation, and work hard to improve the lives of everyone in Kentucky. If Amy McGrath can take time out of her campaign schedule to conduct a phone interview with high schoolers for a project and legitimately answer their questions, like she did for me, she will listen to anyone who wants to speak with her. She will give us real answers, whether or not they’re the answers we want to hear, and she will do her best to make sure the concerns we raise with her are addressed.

Emma Jennings

All of us are frustrated with the ineffectiveness of our government. We want a change, but don’t see a clear way forward. We’re tired of receiving platitudes and lies from elected officials who are either unwilling or unable to truly work for a better society.

Our government has become this way because we put our trust in politicians who have no incentive to change a broken system, only to increase their own political power. They’re perfectly fine with the status quo, because we keep electing them no matter what they do. Our democracy was designed so we could hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

If we are apathetic to our civic duty, if we no longer see a need to educate ourselves or advocate for justice, we are contributing to the decline of our own democracy. We need to vote for a better, brighter future, one of progress and cooperation. We need to vote for Amy McGrath.

Emma Jennings is a recent graduate of Notre Dame Academy.

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