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So there’s a pandemic and you’re quarantined? This mom says if you’re stuck at home it’s time for a party

By Maridith Yahl
NKyTribune reporter

“What I want to do is inspire other people to have fun at home because it should be your safe haven and a fun place to be. You can make cool memories with your family, especially the perfect time is right now,” says Rhonda Taylor Lang of StudioRho Entertaining.

Rhonda, who is always laughing and clearly has a fun personality, has made the best of this quarantine situation.

The boys enjoyed their ‘isolation’– and the Internet Cafe.

“Somebody I know — our kids go to school together — texted me and said, ‘Hey it’s awesome what you posted on Facebook and you’re actually inspiring me! I’m gonna go home and do a fun night for my family,’” says Rhonda.

During the pandemic, Rhonda’s blended family of three boys has bonded while having a good time. About every three nights, she has a themed dinner night. When she heard the news about schools closing, Rhonda got her creative wheels working. That first night was a fondue party. “We did indoor sm’ores with a creme Brule-like flame thing and I told the boys, ‘I’m just going to make this fun, while we’re all stuck in this house, we’re going to have fun.’”

They have enjoyed a luau, complete with leis and snow cones and a Sunday Sundae Bar.

During spring break Rhonda bought a dozen baby chicks and told her boys that they were going to, “get to hang out with a bunch of chicks,” says Rhonda, not able to stop laughing.

Chick Flicks, anyone?

Rhonda let others in on the fun by posting pictures on her business’ Facebook page.

After a week of baby chicks and chick flicks, they were followed to their new farm home where they would be safe and free to roam the rest of their lives.

Adding life lessons to all this fun is easy to do.

One-night, Sleepy B Internet Café was open with breakfast fare for dinner. The family sat as if in an internet café with all their tablets and electronics. Instead of playing games, however, they had to call or text at least one family member they had not talked to since the quarantine began.

Throughout all of this, Rhonda has been taking pictures, lots of pictures.

“I’m going to put these in a scrapbook so that in 20 years I can look back on this and say ours [quarantine] was actually pretty fun, it was a good time,” says Rhonda.

Everybody likes chick flicks. Even the chicks.

Her family has thoroughly enjoyed their time in quarantine, actively participated, and are happy for the photo ops. None have them once said that they are bored.

The Taylor Lang family has been baking as well.

“It has made us bond more. I’ve taught the kids how to cook and bake more, I like that part. It made us be in the kitchen more as a fun thing.” says Rhonda.

She’ll say, ‘Let’s make a red velvet cake,’ guiding them, she lets the boys do it themselves. “I think it’s important for them to say, ‘oh, I can actually do this, I can make my cake if I want to.’”

Teaching them that just because they’re boys they can’t expect others to do this for them, they have to learn to fend for themselves.

All of this event planning and creativity comes natural to Rhonda.

“I have always been a party planner at heart. I love bringing joy and making things colorful and fun. I always feel like every day should be fun,” says Rhonda cheerfully.

Everybody’s in on it.

At the age of 10, Rhonda had her first event. While her parents went to a dinner party, she talked her 16-year-old babysitter into letting her have a party. She invited all her neighbors over. Of course, somebody told her parents. “My mom always said you were meant to be a party planner,” says Rhonda.

Her business started about five years ago when she ordered a murder mystery kit for her husband’s birthday party, says Rhonda, again giddy with excitement. It was supposed to be a one-time event, being a lot of work researching and figuring out how to run it. The party went so well that all her friends started telling other friends and the snowball just kept rolling.

Now she has 15 different scenarios for all ages to participate. One of her favorites is Clue themed. Rhonda says you can have any type of party, picking your theme. A Western Saloon themed birthday party included killing off the birthday boy!

Of course, Rhonda’s creativity does not stop there. She does paint parties on many types of objects like wood chairs, wine glasses, canvas, and bourbon barrels lids to mention a few. Rhonda has 35 easels, being able to accommodate a party of that size. She has events through the businesses that hire her or being an independent contractor and can be hired for a private event.

Besides being mom, Rhonda is also a yoga instructor, substitute teacher, and pet sitter. Her Facebook page StudioRho Entertaining is packed full of ideas, photos, creativity, and fun. Visit there to see what venues she will be hosting parties or contact her for your private venture.

To say the least, Rhonda is very outgoing, not at all shy, and very energetic. She uses her creativity at every opportunity to her advantage and makes her blended family happy.

During this pandemic, so much sorrow and frustration ruled, but Rhonda turned it into a true bonding experience for her family that has made memories to last a lifetime.

How about a luau?

Snowcones, anyone?

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