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Headline Books releases The Redemption, final installment of Lauren Hudson’s award-winning trilogy

Staff report

Completing the final book in her series of novels presented special challenges for two-time Independent Author of the Year Lauren Hudson. Her resulting work of fiction/fantasy, The Redemption, spins an epic tale of good vs. evil with themes familiar in her writing – family, perseverance, and faith.

While studying at the University of Kentucky last year as a freshman, Hudson began writing what would become an emotional goodbye to characters she first imagined at Turkey Foot Middle School in Edgewood.

“It wasn’t until the finale of the trilogy that I realized how much this story really meant to me. I closed out the final chapter through a heap of tears, ending the stories of characters I’ve carried with me since age 14.”

Neither Hudson nor her publisher, Headline Books, could have anticipated the challenges associated with a Spring 2020 release. Although early Amazon downloads elevated The Redemption to a #1 Hot New Release spot, the pandemic has, at least for now, eliminated traditional book signings and most retail opportunities. Readers can secure copies of all Ascension Series books on Amazon, or they can receive author-signed copies here.

In lieu of a conventional book launch, Hudson will be meeting and chatting with readers on a new on-line program, Zoom into Books. In the coming weeks she will present separate programs on each Ascension Series book, beginning with The Ascension on Saturday May 16 at noon, followed by The Deception on Tuesday evening, May 19 at 7 p.m., and The Redemption on Saturday May 30 at noon. Each program will feature discussions with readers about specific elements of writing, including plot, conflict, and growth. Prospective attendees can sign up here.

Hudson commented optimistically on the shift from traditional book signings to an on-line format, “Signings in bookstores are wonderful, but they can be a bit rushed. With this new on-line format, I have the opportunity to spend time with readers in a more relaxed way, and I’d love to sign books for attendees on-air at the end of each program.”

Hudson’s published works now include six books and dozens of columns addressing a wide range of subjects, including medicine, fitness, ethics, and business. Her books have garnered more than a dozen awards nationally and internationally, including Mom’s Choice Gold, Readers’ Favorite, and Book Festival wins in Hollywood, New York, Paris, and London.

In addition to ongoing writing projects in the medical field, work on a series of books entitled Dinner Table Discussions, co-authored with her father, attorney Rob Hudson, nears completion. In Dinner Table Discussions, the father-daughter duo addresses positive approaches to ethics, economics, and culture. Rob and Lauren Hudson are also regular columnists for the NKyTribune.com and KyForward.com. They live in Villa Hills.

Despite branching out, paranormal fantasy remains Lauren’s genre of choice. “If someone had told 14-year-old me that this series would reach this many readers, I wouldn’t have believed them. Watching others fall in love with the Anchor kids like I have is truly my favorite part about writing.”

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