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Judicial Conduct Commission moves Gentry hearing to August, final disposition expected by September

By Mark Hansel
NKyTribune managing editor

The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission has set an amended date for a disciplinary hearing to address the charges against suspended Kenton County Family Court judge Dawn Gentry.

In determining that additional time will be needed for final disposition of the matter, the Commission has ordered that the time within which the commission will make final disposition is extended to September 15.


In the March 27 order granting the motion to continue, the Commission cited the “extraordinary circumstances created by COVID-19,” as a condition to granting the extension.

Gentry faces nine charges, including having sex with coworkers in her office during work hours, making unwanted advances toward co-workers, forcing a coworker to quit to make room for another hire, and coercing people from the bench to donate to her campaign.

In January, Gentry was suspended from the bench, pending the outcome of the investigation. Gentry has not publicly addressed the allegations but has denied them through her attorneys in an answer to the Commission.

The notice of formal charges, and the answers, are available here.

The hearing in the formal proceedings is scheduled to commence August 10, at 8:30 a.m. in the Campbell County Courthouse in Newport. Five days have been set aside to conduct the hearing.

Gentry was previously represented by attorneys Leonard A. Weakley, Jr., and Stephen P. Ryan, who have both withdrawn as counsel.

In his motion, Weakley cited time constraints, denials of continuances and recovery from a medical procedure as reasons to request withdraw.

There was no reason identified in the document approving Ryan’s request to withdraw.

Gentry is currently represented by Louisville attorney F. Todd Lewis and Jeffrey A. Lawson, whose practice is located in Covington.

In February, a special House Impeachment Committee also agreed to review the charges against Gentry.

At that time Rep. Jason Petrie, R-Elkton, was named chair of the Committee.

He said the committee’s responsibility is to investigate the allegations against Gentry and to report back to the full House whether to issues articles of impeachment.

It is not clear when that investigation will be completed, but it is separate from the Judicial Conduct Commission’s disciplinary hearing.

Gentry will continue to receive pay while awaiting a final determination on the allegations against her.

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