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Diane Whalen: Stay healthy at home and we will all get through this pandemic together

Dear Fellow Residents and Friends of Florence:

Thank you for taking time to read yet another COVID-19 message. We are approaching a time where we will see a marked increase in the number of diagnosed cases of the coronavirus. Note – I said diagnosed cases.


The virus is here, and whether you know someone who has tested positive or not, you know someone who has it. That’s the frightening part – some of us are completely asymptomatic. Some of us think we have the flu, or a cold, or just feel a little off.

That’s why it is so important to follow the guidelines for being #HealthyatHome or the new term in our vocabulary: social distancing. If you are going to work, stay 6 feet away from your co-workers and follow a sanitizing routine for frequently touched surfaces.

When you go out for groceries or essential supplies, follow the same guidelines. If you have a fever or think you are ill, stay home. You don’t want to be the one to get ill or take it home to people who are at a higher risk than you are.

Enjoy the spring weather in your own yard. Playgrounds and basketball courts are not the place to be right now. Go for a walk, enjoy the trails in the parks – just do it responsibly by staying away from other people as much as possible.

If we all follow the advice of the public health experts now, we can get back to enjoying our parks, fitness centers, retail centers, and restaurants sooner rather than later – but that depends on each and every one of us.

The city is doing everything we can to protect our Florence Police Officers, Florence Firefighter/EMTs, and Florence Firefighter/Paramedics. We need them healthy, so they can be there for you.

Help us help them because every contact they have with the public is a risk of exposure for them and their families. Our Florence Public Services employees are also out in the field continuing to make sure that the water and sewer systems are being maintained and the streets and buildings are kept in good shape.

We cannot thank them enough, and when this is all over, we’ll be able to do that in-person.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you are getting your information from credible places. Go to Kentucky’s COVID-19 website, check the Northern Kentucky District Health Department updates, and don’t believe every rumor you hear.

If you have questions, email me directly [diane.whalen@florence-ky.gov]. I will do my best to get you answers, or let you know if I can’t answer.

We remain at work for you and want you to be safe and well. This is serious business. The men and women working on your behalf in the City of Florence know that and want to continue to provide you with the best services possible.

Please – take care of yourselves and each other by being #HealthyatHome. Together, we will work our way through this and be stronger on the other side.

Yours respectfully,

Diane Whalen is the Mayor of Florence

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