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Local small business owners hit hard by COVID-19 restrictions share their stories in emotional video

The novel 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a devastating impact on our region, the country, and, in fact, the world.

Perhaps nothing has been hit harder than the region’s small businesses. Many of the owners of these small, independent restaurants, bars, breweries and other companies, have overcome long odds to achieve some level of success.

Even in good times, small businesses often operate on thin margins and rely on repeat business and regular customers to support themselves, their employees, their families and their extended families.

Last week, while practicing social distancing, Harris Media Co., also a locally owned small business, went out into the community to find out how some of these people who have become part of the fabric of our region, are weathering the pandemic.

You will recognize most of them, and their struggles might pull at your heartstrings. Below the video, the company websites are listed, so you can reach out to support them, if you so choose.

Last week, while practicing social distancing, we took the time to interview fellow small businesses and get their take on how the devastation that is the Coronavirus is affecting their businesses. It production was enlightening, joyful, and devastating. If you are willing and able to support these amazing people and their businesses, please do so by sharing this video and also by reaching out via their websites. Carabello CoffeeImages By SadieJapps Since 1879Braxton Brewing CompanyCoreStrongLibby’s Southern ComfortMegan Noll PhotographyC-90MalloryALBA Beauty StudioNeltner Small BatchCamp Springs Tavern

Posted by Harris Media Co on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Carabello Coffee
Images By Sadie
Japps Since 1879
Braxton Brewing Company
Libby’s Southern Comfort
Megan Noll Photography
ALBA Beauty Studio
Neltner Small Batch
Camp Springs Tavern

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Opinion. This is all because politicians get to keep their same salaries and job regardless of literally turning the economy off. They could care less how long and to what extent it’s turned off since they don’t get affected. I guarantee there will be more deaths due to suicide from those in financial ruin than deaths from this virus itself (which is still proven to be less lethal than the common flu).
    Turn the economy back on and stop sowing panic disinformation about a virus that pales in absolute comparison to other infections out there, especially those that were ten times more deadly and the economy and world never blinked an eye at.
    And to all of those lunatics out there that feel the need to call the hotline to turn in business or people that are still trying to operate in a safe manner, shame on them. Those people should be sent all of the bills, late payment fees, mortgages, late invoices, and everything else that the small business person or laid off employees are dealing with right now.
    The only people that are on this shut down the world train are people with a government salary, or stay at home moms who love to tell others how to run their lives and the economy while sipping on their tea and not having to worry about paying a bill or being laid off.
    Families, businesses, and people in general are still gathering, moving around, getting out, etc. And other countries didn’t shut down like we are but just instilled strict adherence to not being an idiot and spreading germs, and their infections rates are just the same or less that ours and they never shut their economies down.
    If this was a wide spread virus that literally had a 25%+ fatality rate then sure, let’s take drastic actions.
    Half of me thinks that if social media wasn’t in existence then none of this would even be happening right now.

  2. Elmer Fudd says:

    I agree with you Jeremy. Sure this Coronavirus is deadly but so have @ least 10 other virus’s been in the past and we never had such a reaction. My wife and I go about our lives as normal as possible considering there isnt much to do except go to the grocery when needed, drug store when needed, visit friends, take a ride to where ever we want its just that nothing is open as usual. Of the business’s you mentioned we have never been to any of them but Im sure they are having an impossible time now. We should be able to pick and choose where we want to go. Not have Big Brother tell us what we cant do. We are educated enough to know what is high risk and is not. We miss going out to dinner especially and lunch with friends. Simply be aware there is a virus out their similar to 10 in the past and dont do anything stupid. Ask the merchants to be aware of social distancing, food servers wear masks and gloves when serving food. Use your head, good old common sense and we will be ok.

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