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German Shepherd K-9, Asco, to be honored by Erlanger City Council as he retires from service

Asco, a German Shepherd K-9 who recently retired after six-plus years with the Erlanger Police Department, will be honored with a proclamation tonight by the Erlanger City Council.


Asco began working with Lt. Chad Girdler in September 2013 and since then he has been responsible for 157 arrests and over 500 deployments.

“Asco is more than just a partner,” said Lt. Girdler. “I have spent more time with him over the past six years than I have spent with any of my family members.”

Asco was excellent searching for narcotic odors. His favorite activity was tracking.

“We got to the point we basically knew what the other was thinking.,” said Girdler. “I knew every time I got Asco out of the car we were already both thinking the same things…where to go and what we were looking for. I probably didn’t know what exactly we were looking for, but I knew it would be drugs or human odor. Asco is like a part of myself. When on a search there would be times I would be in charge, then there would be times when he would be in charge.”

Asco has held multiple certifications and completed the standards for Ohio Police Officers, North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA), United States Police Canine Association (USPCA), National Narcotic Drug Detection Association (NNDDA), and National Association of Police Canine Handlers (NAPCH).

He was awarded the Medal of Valor in 2018 for his bravery and courageous acts while serving the community.

Mayor Jessica Fette will read a proclamation at the February 4 City Council Meeting declaring Wednesday, February 5, as “Retired K-9 Officer Asco Day” in the City of Erlanger. He will also be designated as an Honorary Sergeant.

And even though his time serving the City has come to an end, Asco won’t be going too far from his handler.

“I am happy to say Asco will be staying with me,” said Lt. Girdler.

City of Erlanger

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