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Rep. Sal Santoro presented 2019 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award at Walton City Council meeting

Kentucky League of Cities Recognizes Representative Sal Santoro with a 2019 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” Award

Representative Sal Santoro (R-Florence) was honored with a 2019 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award Tuesday night in Walton.

KLC Deputy Executive Director J.D. Chaney, Director of Governmental Affairs Bryanna Carroll, Walton Mayor Gabe Brown and members of the Walton City Council present Representative Sal Santoro (R-Florence) with a 2019 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award at the City of Walton December 3 caucus meeting (provided photo).

The “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award is given by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) to legislators who perform outstanding work in the legislature advocating for issues that impact cities across the state.

Representative Santoro sponsored House Bill 517 in the 2019 Regular Session of the General Assembly. The legislation would have revised how Kentucky pays for its infrastructure, including updates to the road funding formula that has not been changed since 1948. Amending the formula to ensure it provides a more equitable distribution to Kentucky’s growing cities is a top legislative priority for KLC.

“I want to thank the League of Cities for recognizing my efforts to improve the roads and bridges that our citizens drive on every day, and to modernize how we fund our roads,” Rep. Santoro said. “I look forward to working with KLC and other groups during the 2020 session to secure vital funding to shore up Kentucky’s infrastructure.”

We appreciate Representative Santoro’s willingness to take up this issue, which is a key topic of concern for cities of all sizes,” remarked KLC Deputy Executive Director J.D. Chaney. “His advocacy on behalf of this major piece of legislation shows that he understands the growing crisis our communities face when it comes to building and maintaining safe streets and bridges, and he is willing to propose solutions.”

Jonathan Steiner, executive director/CEO of the Kentucky League of Cities, praised Representative Santoro’s commitment to ensuring the state’s transportation network has the revenue it needs. “Representative Santoro is a dependable voice in the call for action as city leaders stress the need to address infrastructure. We thank him for his friendship and support as we continue to work on ways to fix this growing problem.”

Founded in 1927, the Kentucky League of Cities is a membership association of more than 370 cities across the commonwealth. KLC has offices in Lexington and Frankfort and provides cities, leaders and employees with several services, including legislative advocacy, legal services, financial services, community consulting, policy development, research, training and education, and more.

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