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Tom Elfers: Kentuckians deserve better; they deserve the Kentucky that Andy Beshear can deliver

Kentuckians deserve better.

We deserve a Governor who respects the educators who care for our children and work tirelessly, day and night, to help them to learn and grow into productive, upstanding citizens.

We deserve a Governor who understands that public education at all levels is vital to the growth of our economy, our communities, and our Commonwealth.

We deserve a Governor who values the public employees who maintain our roads, manage our beautiful state parks, care for our veterans, and do all the thousands of jobs that make our state run effectively.

Tom Elfers

We deserve a Governor who appreciates the value of all our citizens – regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity or any other factor that makes someone a unique and special part of our community.

We deserve a Governor who understands that a pension is a promise – and that the Commonwealth has a responsibility to live up to its obligations to the employees who have given years of their lives to make Kentucky a better place to live.

We deserve a Governor who values life and the living – by supporting children’s healthcare, early childhood education, expansion of Medicaid, and a living wage to help battle the scourge of poverty.

And, Kentuckians deserve a Governor who puts people over profits – someone who will work for the benefit of everyday Kentuckians and not his own wealthy friends.

For nearly 4 years, the citizens of Kentucky have watched as Matt Bevin and the Republican Party have sought to reduce our government to rubble, all for the benefit of the wealthy.

Fortunately, for those same 4 years, we have had Attorney General Andy Beshear working in Frankfort to protect our teachers, our public employees, and our government institutions from Bevin and his republican wrecking crew.

Andy Beshear will bring technical expertise, practical solutions, and above all a heartfelt love for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to the role of Governor. With Democratic leadership, Kentucky will reap the financial and medical benefits of legalized marijuana; we will finally be able to keep millions of dollars of gambling revenue within Kentucky’s borders, and we will balance our budget with an equitable tax system designed for today’s economic reality.

We all owe it to our neighbors, our friends, and our children to vote on Tuesday for Andy Beshear and the rest of the Democratic slate.

Kentuckians deserve the Kentucky that Andy Beshear can deliver.

Tom Elfers is chair of the Kenton County Democratic party. For more information, contact the Kenton County Democratic Party at kentondems@gmail.com

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  1. Christina Conover says:

    The issue in this debate can be summarized with one question: As American citizens—Republican or Democrat, do we want our elected officials to work for us or for themselves and the rich donors who fund their campaigns and, thus, drive their policies?

  2. Bothen says:

    I , a staunch Republican, am voting for Beshear. Because Bevin is a joke and according to many polls is the most hated governor in the US

  3. Richard says:

    Mr. Elfers, How do you propose to pay for a pension liability that is in the range of 30 billion? Governor Bevin is trying to save the pension fund. All of us in the private sector have had to make sacrafices when it comes to our retirement plans. State workers should be no different. Governor Bevin wants some compromise, that is a reasonable request, given the dire shape of the state pension system. If Beshear wants to tax his way out of the problem, which is the normal Democrat reaction, then our state will loose population and business and the pension system will surely fail.

    I do agree with this statement: “We deserve a Governor who values life and the living”. However, Beshear does not value the lives of the unborn, Governor Bevin does.

  4. Will says:

    1 Beshear has taken in just as much money and i think probably a lot more from “rich” donors. Beshear is outspending him on advertising from what I can see, that money come from shady “pacs” and other means from big money people.
    2. I would rather have an unpopular governor who actually gets things done. In my opinion the more unpopular a politician, the more they are actually doing and working versus giving sun-shine promises and then doing close to nothing letting everything go on per the status quo like most politicians and governors.
    3. The pension system is broke. Bevin is fixing it and needs to keep fixing it. As soon as the market tanks so does my retirement, and I have to probably work until I’m 70 to have a somewhat comfortable retirement. Why is is that teachers and other public employees get to retire after 20-25 years of service with guaranteed retirement with no risk?? And the private sector employees have to pay for it all? It’s not fair, it’s mean, and I won’t stand for it.

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