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R.A JONES opens doors to competitors, showcases latest innovations for the packaging industry

 R.A JONES hosted an industry event Tuesday at its manufacturing facility in Covington.

Nearly 400 attendees from around North America participating in the PMMI Annual Meeting taking place in Downtown Cincinnati this week toured the R.A JONES facility.

R.A JONES is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

R.A JONES was chosen as the tour facility because of its long-standing heritage in the industry as being one of the most innovative and forward-thinking packaging equipment manufacturers in the world.

Starting in 1905, R.A JONES has been engineering and manufacturing packaging equipment for some of the top global CPG companies in the world including P&G, Neslté, Mondelez, General Mills, Pepsico, Miller Coors, and many others.

“The PMMI Annual Meeting is one of the largest in North America, where leadership from various organizations come together to discuss the latest technologies, trends, and challenges facing the packaging industry,” said Jonathon Titterton, CEO of R.A JONES and Coesia Americas. “It is an honor that R.A JONES is one of only a few, that has been chosen as the tour location twice since it started in 1933. This is a testimony to our industry-leading engineering, manufacturing, and customer service capabilities.”

Attendees toured the facility, stopping at various stations to learn more about the following aspects of the organization:

• Heritage of R.A JONES

• Company culture & employee development programs

• Centralized services offered to other sister companies selling into the North American market

• Advancements in customer service offerings including new remote assistance technology

• Leveraging engineering expertise from colleagues all over the world

• Latest lean business/operational practices improving efficiencies

• New digital technology addressing cloud data computing and analyzing for equipment

• Virtual marketing experiences to improve brand engagement

• North American headquarters for Coesia

R.A JONES is a global leader in the design and manufacture of primary and secondary packaging machinery for the food, pharmaceutical, dairy, and consumer goods industries.


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