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Letter to the Editor: From a liver recipient thanks to the organ donor who gave her a second chance at life

A Letter from a Liver Recipient:

Google defines organ donation as “The act of donating one’s organ to another person through an organ transplant.”

But, imagine that you are only eight and you are told by a doctor, go live out all your dreams in six months?

For me, a Child of God, a daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend, I did not second guess it and planned to live my life to the fullest.

As I continue growing up living my life to the fullest because of a life-saving liver transplant, I look back to the past and think, was I seriously expected to live my life out in 186 days?

It terrifies me when I hear that 22 innocent people pass away every single day, because of the lack of kind people when I have seen with my own eyes those kind and generous people for me.

Yes, nothing is beautiful about two children who, given the news, they have a limited amount of days left, but when two strangers’ lives come together for the greater good of life, it’s beautiful, so beautiful. Wait, something is even more beautiful, two families coming together to celebrate all things in life. Simply, I define organ donation as saving lives and creating one family blended by hope!
Life is a gift from God.

What greater gift is a second chance at life thanks to an organ donor?

Please join me in celebrating National Donor Sabbath and be a symbol for those who are awaiting a life-saving transplant and others that are grieving for their lifesaver.

Sylvana Lipe
Jefferson County

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