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Take a look at how the highway safety traffic enforcement campaign on I-75 worked on its first day

Police officers from the Covington, Erlanger, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, and Kenton County Police Departments began their year-long highway safety traffic enforcement campaign in Kenton County on October 1. The Kentucky State Police and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement have assigned troopers and officers to assist throughout the twelve-month enforcement campaign.

The partnering agencies received a federal highway traffic safety grant from the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety to reduce the number of traffic crashes and deaths related to traffic crashes. In 2018, four people lost their lives to traffic crashes on the I-75 corridor in Kenton County. Enforcement of traffic laws will be increased on I-75 from the I-275 interchange in Erlanger to the Ohio River in Covington.

Officers were out in full force on October 1st from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Citations were issued for various traffic offenses such as speeding, lane restriction violations, not wearing a seatbelt, failure to move over for an emergency vehicle, reckless driving, tailgating (following too close), distracted driving (texting or looking at a cell phone), improper equipment, suspended driver’s license, no insurance, and more. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers inspected seven commercial vehicles during the blitz.

Here is a breakdown of the citations:

Speeding (88);
DUI (1);
Improper Lane Use (13);
Fail To Move For Emergency Vehicle (20)
No Insurance/No Proof (42);
Texting (9);
No/Expired Registration (17)

Failure To Transfer Vehicle (6);
Suspended OL (20);
Reckless Driving (10)

Improper/No Signal ( 7);
Disregard Traffic Regulation (4);
Expired Driver’s License (3)
Following Too Close (9);
Failure To Give Right of Way (2);
Not Wearing Seatbelt (11)
Improper Passing (3);
Failure To Notify DOT (1);
Other Citations (15)

The next scheduled enforcement campaign will be held on Monday, October 14, (Columbus Day).

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s data, Region 3, Columbus Day had the 2nd highest total of fatal crashes among all holidays in 2017—trailing only Independence Day. We are located in Region 3.

Each month there will be scheduled enforcement campaigns advertised. Officers will be assigned to work the Interstate, however, on different days of the week at all times of the day.

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