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Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival announces winners; compelling stories promote understanding

The Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival (OTRFF), organized by LADD, presented by the Financial Independence Project, annnounced the films receiving festival awards for best feature-length and short film narratives and documentaries.

The award-winning narratives were shown to audiences at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and documentaries at the Contemporary Arts Center yesterday.

Grand Jury Narrative Feature

• “The Land” – Sixty-something farming couple John and Mary Lou Martin come face-to-face with mistakes from their pasts and an uncertain future as they strive to hold onto the only life they’ve ever known. Inspired by those set adrift by circumstances that leave them too old to start over and yet too young to give up, the film explores the question: “Are we more than what we do?”

Grand Jury Documentary Feature

• “The Journey” – A man and a woman travel through the world in a camper van: Niggi, a passionate photographer, and Annette, the love of his life, paralyzed from the neck down for the last 20 years. With courage, wit and charm they hold on to what makes life worthwhile. But what happens to love, when the circumstances of life change so drastically? Full of curiosity and wonder the filmmaker (and daughter) Fanny Bräuning goes in search of answers.

Grand Jury Narrative Short

• “Matilde’s First Day” – Today is Matilde’s first day of school. Due to a pivotal choice, her father Claudio wasn’t able to walk her to school, so her grandfather does. As they arrive, Claudio joins them and gives Matilde some advice to face this important day of her life.
Grand Jury Documentary Short

• “Life Lakota” – A glimpse into the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and the challenges they face as a nation, a cultural enigma, and a piece of American heritage, too often forgotten.

Best Student Short Narrative

• “Tea Time for Lions” – The bond of two sisters growing up in an abusive home.

Best Student Short Documentary

• “A Different Script” – Enter the lives of two actors with Down syndrome, a TV network star, Jamie Brewer, and a big dreamer, Chris Lopes, as they use acting to transcend their limitations. The film illuminates their place in a larger movement to include people with Down syndrome in the entertainment industry.
“The selected films and their compelling stories enable us to experience each other more fully,” said Jack Geiger, Managing Director of the festival. For more information on the 2019 Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival films visit OTRFilmFest.org.

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