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Letter to the editor: Bill Butler objects to Bill Straub’s ‘low blow’ on segregation related to Bevin, Cameron

I strongly object to Bill Straub’s column today in the NKY Tribune and I suppose other Kentucky media outlets. To paint Cameron and Bevin in the context of George Wallace the former segregationist is a low blow at best, and in the poorest of taste, cheap. Is it an indication of how badly he wants to affect the election in Kentucky next Tuesday that he would stoop to such levels as to suggest if not simply allege that David Cameron, an African American is in any way connected with the philosophy of the primitive and prejudiced George Wallace of Alabama. Ridiculous and out of order for a journalist.

And he paints our Governor Matt Bevin in the same portrait in the same breath. So this is how Bill Straub feels about guys who are Christian, or hard-working, self-made, like Matt Bevin, or many of us who are committed to service for that matter. Bevin is conservative that is for sure, more to the right than most of us. But generally, he thinks good and wants to do good. That counts, that is important!

We have not had a governor who is as smart, as dedicated, as energetic and helpful to our Northern Kentucky sector of the state in a long time now. We got no attention from Governor Beshear and, for example, the road construction money that was scheduled and committed to extend Rt 536 (Mount Zion Road) from US 25 in Boone County to Independence was given to his friends in a field in Nicholasville, Ky for a road to nowhere. That road would have opened up major parts of Kenton County to growth. The areas around Independence simply needed to be accessed by a tie to Interstate 75, and we have been deprived of that for ten years until lately, as it is back in the pipeline.

Matt Bevin appreciates what Northern Kentucky means to the Commonwealth. Being astute and realistic he knows the only way to fix the pension problem is to grow the Kentucky State economy to generate more taxes from new and expanded business and employment. Northern Kentucky is key to the future of the entire State of Kentucky for sure, a major factor to solving the problems by growing, and Bevin recognizes this and helps us in a hands-on way to secure growth. For at least eight years prior to his governorship, we had no help, no goodwill from Frankfort.

This is why we need to get out the vote for those who want to help us in this One NKY Community. I cannot imagine going back there; it would be a disaster to our locale.

Bill Butler, Chairman
Corporex Companies

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  1. heather vince says:

    Thank you Bill Butler!!!!!! More people need to stand up to Bill Straub’s horrific hit pieces, lies, and insanely ugly and majorly false accusations against politicians and people in this state. He is a biased political hack that seeks deep division and it’s copiously obvious he is pushing his agenda. Whether or not it’s an “opinion” piece or not, it crosses the line of what should be allowed in newspapers. I support free speech in it’s entirety, and I thank Mr. Butler for evening the playing field and calling Straub out.
    And for those of you who don’t know, Bill Straub doesn’t even live in Kentucky, he is an out of state political insurgent who seeks to stir the pot and spread lies. And where he gets the money to post these pieces I can only wonder….hmmmm….
    On the other hand you have Bill Butler who has created hundreds if not thousands of jobs and generated more tax revenue for the state and area in a single week than what Bill Straub has in his entire life.
    The Tribune needs to examine Straub’s pieces and whether or not the adhere to what they want in their paper.
    If a similar figure pushed these low blow levels of “opinion” pieces on Obama or someone else in this same manner, I have a strong suspicion they would be cut from the paper.
    Again, thank you Mr. Butler for the decades of service to this state and NKY region and for taking on this hack.

  2. Michael Plummer says:

    “ Northern Kentucky is the economic engine that drives this state”!

  3. Dave Michael says:

    “Matt Bevin appreciates what Northern Kentucky means to the Commonwealth”

    Tonight, Northern Kentucky showed Matt Bevin what they think of his last four years. And, apparently not everyone shared your unsubstantiated claims that “we have not had a governor who is as smart, as dedicated, as energetic and helpful to our Northern Kentucky sector of the state in a long time now.”

    Maybe Mr. Straub was on to something?

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