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BLINK: The light show is coming; it’s art, culture, projection mappings, interactive sculptures and more

BLINK®, illuminated by ArtsWave, is the largest light, art and culture event of its kind in the nation, coming to downtown Cincinnati and Covington on October 10-13.

The event will span 30-city blocks from Covington, crossing the river, through Downtown Cincinnati and into Over-the-Rhine and the Findlay Market neighborhood.

BLINK will transform the Cincinnati Region into an outdoor art phenomenon with 100 installations including large-scale projection mappings, murals, and interactive light sculptures and art (projection mapping is the art of turning unusual or irregularly shaped objects – such as buildings – into a video projection surface.

Using specialized software, the artist is able to make the space come alive with animations, optical illusions and notions of movement).

Free and open to the public, BLINK is produced by The Agar, ArtWorks, Brave Berlin, the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

BLINK’s technical partner is PRG, the leading global provider of entertainment and event technology solutions. PRG is providing lighting and projection for re:FRACTION on Fountain Square and many of the installations at BLINK.

In addition to BLINK, PRG provides support for music, sporting and events including Coachella, Fortnite World Cup, Backstreet Boys, Drake, Billie Eilish, and Post Malone.



BLINK is not designed as a “drive-thru” event. It is meant to be enjoyed outside of a vehicle. Attendees are urged to make the most of public transit and find parking on the blocks and neighborhoods surrounding the event site (not in the event site) – including METRO park-and-ride locations at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, Cincinnati State and Northern Kentucky University.
BLINK is designed around the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar route in Cincinnati, which will remain open during the event. – and will be free to ride after 4 p.m. during BLINK’s four nights of light, thanks to the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.

The BLINK experience will be even more enjoyable if attendees arrive before the event opens at 7 p.m. Find more helpful tips and street closure info at the website.

Review installations before the event, plan for multiple days (there’s too much to see in just one night), get a hotel, create a glow outfit, find your comfy shoes, gather your crew, make a reservation to enjoy Cincinnati’s world-class food scene, and know where hospitality areas and light beacons are throughout the event. Planning a BLINK experience is as easy as going to “Plan Your Visit” at the website.


View the event map, see art previews and plan your route, and more by…  by downloading the official BLINK app from the Apple App or Google Play stores – and follow BLINK on social media.

·       Facebook: @blinkcincinnati
·       Twitter: @BLINKcincy
·       Instagram: @blinkcincinnati

Carry-along maps will also be available at the event.

BLINK is comprised of five neighborhood zones:

· Covington Zone
· P&G Banks Zone
· Fifth Third Bank Foundation Downtown Zone
· The Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trust OTR Zone
· Findlay Market Zone

BLINK has no one correct place to start.

Find each zone with the BLINK app, the BLINK Zone Map or by following the high-shining beacon located in each zone. Then, follow the lights from installation to installation. To see all the zones, please plan to visit on multiple nights. Hospitality areas are located throughout the event to recharge, enjoy food and drinks, use public restrooms and more.


The streets of Covington and Cincinnati will be alive with energy during BLINK. Allow yourself a moment of awe and enjoy a shared moment of art and light with a united community. Welcome those visiting the region, say hello to one million of your neighbors and be proud of your future city.

The Cincinnati Zones

The Covington Zone

Tomorrow: More ways to plan your BLINK experience

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