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LaRosa’s celebrates Buddy’s 89th birthday, 65 years in business -‘Hey dad, look at us now’

LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria recently hosted a dual celebration of the 89th birthday of its iconic Founder Buddy LaRosa and to honor the brand’s 65th year in business.

Mark LaRosa, President and Chief Culinary Officer, LaRosa’s, Inc.; John Paselsky, Executive Vice President, One Holland; Buddy LaRosa’s, Founder, LaRosa’s Inc.; Michael LaRosa, CEO, LaRosa’s, Inc. (provided photo).

This account of the restaurant chain’s humble beginnings is excerpted from the history page on the LaRosa’s website:

In 1954 Buddy LaRosa opened his first family pizzeria on Cincinnati’s West Side. His Sicilian-born father told him he was crazy. “You gonna sell pizza? ‘Med-i-gans’ never gonna buy pizza from you,” he said.

Who could argue with him? After all, back then many Americans hadn’t even heard of pizza.

As sons will do, Buddy went ahead with his plan anyway. So began the story of LaRosa’s Family Pizzerias. And it’s a bona fide, star spangled Great American Success Story!

Sixty years after serving its first Guest, LaRosa’s is the number one pizza in Cincinnati and has begun to expand its reputation regionally. “Dad’s not around anymore,” Buddy says. “But if he was, I’d tell him ‘Hey Dad, look at us now!”

The dual celebration took place at the chain’s newest restaurant in Lexington on Richmond Road, an area that has welcomed the brand with enthusiasm, prompting future expansion in Central Kentucky

One Holland, a Lexington-based franchise group and owner of the Richmond Road LaRosa’s location, was represented by their Executive Vice President, John Paselsky.

Paselsky introduced Buddy LaRosa’s sons Michael LaRosa, CEO, and Mark LaRosa, President and Chief Culinary Officer, who led the event with a champagne toast and birthday cake.

Restaurant guests enjoyed visiting with Buddy and he noted that the event was one of the best birthday parties of his life, complete with a perfect pepperoni pizza made by the LaRosa’s Lexington pizza cooks.


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    Happy bday just received the worst hoagie ever and manager blew me off I don’t think this kind of of sevice now I don’t think l will be a costumer again

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