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C-Forward’s one-of-a-kind mural celebrates their 20th anniversary, NKY, Kentucky’s Edge and BLINK

C-Forward Information Technology has created a new mural painted on the Fifth Street back of its building at Main and Fifth — and it’s a 20th anniversary present to the company and a gift to the region as well. 
The mural features over 25 unique Northern Kentucky-themed references, tributes, and landmarks.
C-Forward partnered with Covington-based, BLDG to design and paint the mural. It includes elements that all viewers can recognize – The Roebling Bridge, bourbon barrels, the Carroll Chimes Clock Tower, and a few famous locals – like Braxton Brewery and Hotel Covington.

The mural was created as part of C-Forward’s 20th Anniversary which they celebrated this year and a tribute to the Northern Kentucky region.

It will be on display during the upcoming Kentucky’s Edge and BLINK events.

Kentucky’s Edge pairs all things Kentucky with bourbon for a two-day weekend, October 4 and 5, filled with of great bourbon, food, music and conversation.

Then on October 10-13, BLINK brings back one of the largest light, art and projection mapping events that will span from Cincinnati’s Findlay Market to the riverbanks and into Covington for the first time.

“I am thrilled to see how much the local community has embraced this project. They seem to be really excited by our mural, as are we,” said Brian Ruschman, President C-Forward.

“We hope that our mural continues to generate pride in the community as it is a demonstration of how much we love this region and all that makes it so special.”

The public is invited to come see the mural and share all the Covington and Northern Kentucky themes they spot on C-Forward’s FaceBook page (@CForwardIT) or Instagram (@cforwardit).

To learn more about C-Forward, visit the website.

To learn more about Kentucky’s Edge, click here.

Read the NKyTribune’s story about BLINK here.

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  1. Peter Hamm says:

    These murals are dumb and will look very very trashy in 5 years when half the paint peels off. If you thought covington looks like a ghetto now, just wait til these things start rotting away. The less murals, for sure the better. The city is nearly bankrupt and wont’ be able to afford to fix the blight they’ll create. With Now Hiring signs outnumbering any sign out there and employers doing anything to get employees, I have noooooo idea why people are wasting there time painting “pretty” pictures on the sides of building all the while ruining them………………. This world is truly upside down………………

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