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RedRover grants $20,000 to protect Maysville and NKY Women’s Crisis Center survivors and pets

Women’s Crisis Center was recently awarded a RedRover Relief Safe Housing grant, enabling the Maysville ,Kentucky, shelter to build on-site housing and green space for pets of domestic violence victims. The kennel, to be called Barking Tales Resort, will serve all Women’s Crisis Center shelters including the location in Northern Kentucky.

RedRover, a national nonprofit organization based in Sacramento, California, provides grants for financial assistance and support for victims of domestic violence through its RedRover Relief program, enabling domestic violence victims to safely escape abusive situations with their pets.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, as many as 65 percent of domestic violence victims are unable to escape their abusers because they fear what will happen to their pets when they leave. According to Sheltering Animals and Families Together (SAF-T), a national initiative that guides family violence shelters on how to welcome families with pets, only a fraction of the 2,500 domestic violence shelters in the United States report having the ability to house animals onsite.

RedRover’s Safe Housing program provides essential funding to domestic violence shelters to enable them to fund the creation of on-site space to house pets. “Sadly, many domestic violence victims stay in abusive homes because they are afraid to leave their pets,” said Nicole Forsyth, RedRover President and CEO. “Their pets are often also victims of abuse, suffering from injuries and neglect. RedRover’s Safe Housing grants make it possible for victims to receive life-saving sheltering services, reassured that their pets are protected.”

Women’s Crisis Center was awarded the $20,000 grant from RedRover to construct an on-site housing center for pets of domestic violence victims. The easy-care onsite housing will include 20 kennels for pets as well as a green space.  Women’s Crisis Center’s Buffalo Trace Director, Melissa Greenwell said, “receiving the funding from RedRover for the kennel for our pet protection program has been a goal of mine for the agency for several years.  This opportunity will not only save the agency financially by placing the pets on site and not in a community kennel that we have been paying for, but will also allow our clients the opportunity to spend time with their pets at any time.  Separating a family from their pets, when they have already experienced so much trauma in their lives, can have so many adverse effects on the family unit.  This grant will help us to alleviate that added stress.”

Women’s Crisis Center’s Pet Protection Program was developed to remove a barrier for victims of domestic violence entering the Women’s Crisis Center Shelter. This program provides immediate safety for the often over looked member of a family fleeing abuse. Pets are often abused, neglected or abandoned by the abusive partner. This fear will often trap a family in an unsafe home for longer than necessary. Through the Pet Protection Program, pets are cared for in a safe environment and receive updated vaccinations. Other health needs are addressed including spaying/neutering if requested by the owner. When the family leaves the Women’s Crisis Center shelter the pets are returned. Pet Packs are provided that include the basic needs of each pet. All services are free.

The Women’s Crisis Center Barking Tales Resort ground-breaking will be on Monday, July 1st at 8 a.m.  All are welcome to attend.  To help support the WCC Pet Protection Program, click here.

Women’s Crisis Center (WCC) is a 501(c)(3), is a foundational community center, offering comprehensive services for people impacted by domestic violence and sexual abuse, while transforming our community through violence prevention.  WCC offers free 24/7 responsive services and survivor-centered advocacy programs.  To learn more click here.

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