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Danielle Corbin: First comes baby, then back to work, here are some helpful tips to ease transition

Always coming faster than it seems it should, heading back to work after having a child is never easy. It takes time to prepare for the transition to the new normal. 


Feeling anxious and even a little stressed is a normal feeling for parents when they are returning to work. The best way to alleviate concerns with this transition is to create a strong support system for you and your child through family, friends and the child care you choose.  Heading back to work is difficult for many parents, so be kind to yourself and don’t compare your experience to another parents’ – your experience is unique. 

To try and ensure a smooth transition back to work, Rainbow Child Care Center recommends the following tips gathered through our vast experience working with parents.  

Find a child care near your work or school 

Commonly, the first instinct when parents begin the search for a child care is to have it close to home, but a key factor that should be considered it how far is it from work. 

A newer common trend among new moms is being able to take breaks during their work day to stop in to see their children, check-in and even breastfeed. The proximity of your child care center and where you spend your working hours can really allow a better connection between you, your child, and your child care team. 

Take advantage of trial runs 

A unique benefit that Rainbow Child Care Center offers are Discovery Days. Families are invited to come in and explore centers, speak with teachers and see firsthand what the school is like.  You are able to drop your child off and pick them up just as you would when they are enrolled.  This allows you to know the environment your child will be in and have a practice run for your first day back to work. 

This can also help you decide between schools. This opportunity offers the chance to ask questions directly to the people who will be taking care of your child and establish a relationship prior to them starting. 

Find out how you want to communicate with your daycare

Having a child care that understands your needs is a key component of being at ease while you are away from your child. Every parent has a different preference for their communication needs and your child care should be asking what form of communication works best for you.  If they don’t, make sure you set clear expectations of what you want and remember, your decision should be based on your needs. Each relationship is different, and your child care should understand and help support your wishes. 

Find a place you feel good about 

When taking your child anywhere, you want to know it is a safe and comfortable environment. Never second-guess yourself or what you need. Your child care should always be willing to work with you to answer your questions and create a great experience for you and your baby. If you feel comfortable and safe, going back to work will be easier knowing your baby is in the right hands. 

Take care of yourself to take care of your baby 

Becoming a new parent takes a lot of work and adding in the stress and demands of returning to work is a heavy load. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself is just as important as the care of your child. Self-care for parents is a necessity to ensure you are giving your baby everything they need. Whatever self-care means to you, make sure you’re taking advantage of your support network to take time for yourself. When you feel rested and energized, you can be the absolute best version of yourself, both for work and, more importantly, for your new baby.

Danielle Corbin is district leader at Rainbow Child Care Center, a leading provider of academic-based early childhood education

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