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Redwood turns 66 this month; continues legacy of service to Northern Kentucky communities

Redwood, the nonprofit, special needs facility located in Fort Mitchell celebrates birthday 66, Monday, May 13.

And there’s no sign of getting older – or even slowing down.

It was more than 65 years ago this facility was created for families looking for quality education for their children with cerebral palsy.

Today, the Redwood menu has grown – and expanded.

Redwood serves 800-plus clients from six weeks to 82 years old – from nursery and preschool to therapy to vocational training – and for people with a variety of disabilities.

“Our classrooms are integrated with typically developing children as well as children with either special needs or developmentally challenged,” says Carol Serrone, Director of Philanthropy for Redwood. “Therapy is provided on site, so those who need speech, occupational or physical therapy can receive that throughout the day without having to go someplace else.”

Recently, behavioral therapy has been offered to Redwood clients as well.

Adult Services Employment Supports – Jill’s Story is one of many successes in Redwood’s 66 years of service

The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act requires public schools to provide education for those with disabilities – Redwood no longer offers school. Redwood does offer preschool for those with and without disabilities.

Redwood helps clients identify jobs that match their skills and assists with vocational rehabilitation for those 16 and older.

Kroger, McDonald’s and DHL are among the locations where Redwood clients have found working – and paid—positions.

And for those clients who can’t work independently in the community, Redwood brings in work from companies like Medpace – which has clients help putting together materials for clinical trials.

Redwood is also home to the Assistive Technology Resource Center – one of only five in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. One can experiment with a variety of tools, from walkers to phones.

This enables the public to decide what works best for them prior to what may very well be an expensive purchase.

Finally, Redwood finds work for their clients. Its Goods@theWoods in house store permits clients to sell goodies and snacks to employees, staff and fellow clients. The Redwood Design Center creates T-shirts, banners, business cards and invitations for business as well as residents in the community.

Clients learn how to print as well as design all products.


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