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Letter to Editor: Betty Pendergrass says Rocky Adkins for Governor due to ‘outstanding leadership’

Letter to the Editor,

I strongly support Rocky Adkins for Governor because of his outstanding leadership for 32 years in the General Assembly, including 20+ years as House Democratic Floor Leader. Stephanie Horne also brings valuable skills with her background in business, finance, and tenure at Jefferson County Board of Education.

Rocky Adkins

You can find details about issues they champion at www.rockyforky.com. I have worked with Rocky on several governmental projects, so I have seen firsthand his dedication to the Commonwealth and his leadership skills. Drafting a budget that works for all Kentuckians is already on his resume.

For the past three years, he has defended public employees, teachers, and hard-working citizens while working to provide public services for the vulnerable in our communities. He supported environmental issues before it was fashionable to protect our planet and our beautiful Kentucky landscapes.

Rocky is middle-class, knows how to represent our values and fight for public services that improve quality of life in our communities. He has also demonstrated innovative thinking with plans to expand access to community and technical college to build skills in our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

Public education is a cornerstone of his philosophy. He will protect pensions for our valuable public employees and teachers. Rocky understands that growing economies and communities need a visionary strategy to sustain economic development, job growth, and financial security for all citizens. I urge you to vote for Rocky & Stephanie on May 21.

Betty Pendergrass

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