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Greater Cincinnati Foundation moving to new venue in Sawyer Point Building on Pete Rose Way

Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) is on the move — literally.

GCF recognizes its role as a community convener and has found it increasingly challenging to carry out that mission in its current location at 200 W. Fourth St.

As a result, GCF sold that building and will move Aug. 1 into a dynamic new venue in the Sawyer Point Building at 720 E. Pete Rose Way. 

The Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation and The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio will also move with GCF into the new space.

“As GCF has grown more integrated, focused and impactful, it has become clear that owning a building is not central to our mission,” said Ellen M. Katz, GCF President/CEO. “What is paramount to us is providing accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency of service to all our stakeholders, which our new location will enable in exciting ways. We also believe that bringing people together in this thoughtfully connective space will inspire and accelerate our commitment to racial equity and economic opportunity for everyone in our region.”

By harnessing the power of place in a creatively designed space, GCF’s new location will amplify its ability to inspire philanthropy and create a more vibrant, equitable community:

• The design and location are purposefully geared to foster accessibility for convenient, regional collaboration. While still located in Greater Cincinnati’s urban core, GCF will be just a bridge away from key Northern Kentucky partners. 

• The new community hub will offer an inspiring, flexible meeting location with multimedia and technology features as well as convenient parking.

• GCF partners — donors, nonprofits and community stakeholders — will have new ways to connect, nurture relationships and cultivate community knowledge and insights. 

• The bold, expansive layout efficiently integrates GCF staff on one floor, maximizing innovation and collaboration to amplify our impact on the community.

GCF’s equity focus is also reflected in its choices of key partners to design and create the new space — all are minority or female-owned businesses. They include: DNK Architects, Inc.; Kolar Design; TriVersity Construction; and RCF Group.
“In this digital era of remote, often impersonal communication, it’s imperative to offer a place for people to connect face-to-face and interact in ways that promote awareness, understanding and insights,” said Christopher L. Fister, Chair of GCF’s Governing Board. “Our new facility will provide this crucial gathering place, where our entire Community as a community can take on the complicated yet immensely gratifying work of solving problems and identifying opportunities together.” 

GCF’s new front door, adjacent to the riverfront at the heart of the tri-state region, will open onto a comfortable and inviting gathering space.

The new location will embody GCF’s mission of connecting people with purpose to realize its brightest, most equitable shared future.

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

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