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What really happens in the KY State Senate? Fourth grader Dacy Fallyn Freeman reports from Frankfort

By Dacy Fallyn Freeman
Kid friendly news and politics reporter

Dacy Fallyn Freeman (DFF) is a 4th grade student at Walton-Verona Elementary School.
Last year, she gained national attention by interviewing candidates and reporting on the Walton-Verona School Board race. She was recognized by the State Senate and House of Representatives with proclamations for that coverage. Recently, she returned to Frankfort, to shadow Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, for a day and learn more about the General Assembly


Kentucky Senate Majority Floor Leader, Damon Thayer starts work early and ends late when the Kentucky Legislature is in session.

Today, I’m in Frankfort, Kentucky at the State Capitol to find out what a day in the life of a lawmaker is really like.

It’s 9:15 AM.. At the Office of Senate Majority Floor Leader, Damon Thayer. What does he do? Let’s find out in this Q&A.

Thayer: “We pass bills that the people of the State of KY have to follow.”

DACY: “You are so busy all day. There doesn’t seem to be much free time. When do you eat and use the restroom?”

THAYER: “That’s a good question. I had a hard time finding time to do both of those things today. You have to go to the bathroom when you get a free minute and the same thing with eating. You hope you can find some lunch and eat it really quickly, cause you gotta get down to the next meeting.”

DACY: “This job seems hard. But, I heard you get recess. Where is your playground?”

Poster featuring Dacy Freeman’s kidcaster reporting, hanging in the hallway of the State Capitol Building in Frankfort (all photos and video courtesy of DFFrent Focus).

THAYER: “We don’t have a playground, but We have a recess which means it is a break during the proceedings on the Senate floor. And usually it’s for a committee meeting or something like that. That will then help accelerate the proceedings on the floor when we call the meeting back to order

DACY: “So, being on a “Sub Committee” doesn’t mean you fill in for the regular committee and assign extra recess and no homework then, huh?”

THAYER: “Subcommittees meet and then provide information to the full committee which can then vote to advance a bill.”

DACY: “So, tell me something else about you.”

THAYER: “There’s only 38 members of the KY State Senate and I feel fortunate and blessed to serve the people of my district because I represent them and I’m their voice here in Frankfort.”

DACY: “I really like reporting… But, Senator Dacy Fallyn Freeman has a nice ring to it. Maybe I could make it after all!”

DFF will have to wait a little longer to fill Sen. Thayer’s shoes in Frankfort


Dacy says she’s fine with being a kidcaster a little longer. Luckily there is no age limit on reporting (or spending time with the AV professionals at the Capitol.) At only ten years old, she isn’t old enough to run for office. According to Section 32 of the Kentucky Constitution, a state senator must:

• be at least 30 years old
• be a citizen of Kentucky
• have resided in Kentucky at least six years and the district at least one year prior to election


Dacy completed this report while serving as a page to Senator Thayer. She was recognized by the Kentucky State Senate with a certificate of appreciation for her day of work in the Kentucky General Assembly. If you (or someone you know) is interested in becoming a page, contact your local legislator.

Kidcaster Dacy Fallyn Freeman (DFF is recognized by Sen. damon Thayer as a Kentucky Senate page.

Dacy and her family would like to thank the Kentucky Legislature for assisting with this interview and vlog project. Also, we extend thanks to the legislators from Dacy’s home district, Senator Thayer and Representative Kimberly Moser, R- Taylor Mill. They presented proclamations from the Senate and House, recognizing Dacy’s coverage of the Walton-Verona Independent School District Elections.

In September 2018, Dacy was interviewed about her reporting by WKRC (CBS), The Northern Kentucky Tribune, The Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today. Dacy is quoted saying “even one little voice can be heard.”

Thanks to all our DFFrentFOCUS.com readers for helping spread Dacy’s message. Her goal is to provide fair and balanced, non-partisan reporting on many topics, including politics. “Fourth Grader Goes to Frankfort” continues her mission to inform children and their parents about news which contributes to the quality of their lives.

The Northern Kentucky tribune would like to thank Dacy, and her mom, Tonya Freeman, for sharing the details of her visit to Frankfort with our readers.

Contact the Northern Kentucky Tribune at news@nkytrib.com

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