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Peak Fitness & Sports opens new location in Erlanger; ‘to live your best you must be your best’

Peak Fitness & Sports Training (PeakF.A.S.T.), a provider of cutting-edge fitness training programs, is holding a grand opening of its new location at 600 Rodeo Drive, Suite 600, Erlanger, on March 23. 

This new location will accommodate more fitness enthusiasts looking to increase their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness through a combination of group and personal training programs. The facility is over 4,000 square feet and is equipped for both youth athletic performance and adult personal training.

For its first nine years, PeakF.A.S.T. operated out of a small facility and the business grew primarily by referral only. The small space and lack of walk-in traffic allowed the company to cultivate a tight-knit family culture that grew organically and appealed to those who were tried of extreme diets, binge exercise program and wanted a results guaranteed approach. Now, with the new space, we are ready to step up and double down on our mission.

At PeakF.A.S.T., the mission centers around the idea that fitness is the first domino. In order to be, perform, and live your best you must feel your best. And that starts with self-care.

By taking care of your body properly, you can experience better focus, stress management, confidence, engagement as well as life. The flip side is what most people experience – a drop off in fitness training programs when people need them most: under lots of stress.

“For the clients and coaches at PeakF.A.S.T., fitness is a comprehensive conversation. It collapses on every area of your life. We have watched people get into the best shape and go to work in other key areas of their life. Now that we’re able to expand our operation, I’m excited to help other people experience the holistic benefits we’ve been able to provide to our clients,” said Ryan Patrick, Owner of Peak Fitness & Sports Training.

The grand opening of Peak Fitness & Sports Training will be held on March 23, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. All our open–it’s open to the public. There will be short workouts for interested adults and youth athletes. Door prizes, free memberships, refreshments, and local vendors will be present at the event.

Peak Fitness & Sports Training offers personal training for adults and athletic performance training for youth. They have complete equipment and expertise in fitness needs. Thus, they make sure that each of their clients will be successful in achieving their fitness goals.

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