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KYTC District 6 road report update on current construction projects in Northern Kentucky

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 6 would like the public to be aware of the following conditions and/or operations that are being reported for highways in Northern Kentucky. Motorists should be aware of possible delays or lane closures on the following projects:


*KY 1936 (Kenton Station Road) – Beginning Monday, March 25th, 2019, a pipe replacement and milling/paving project will begin from Lees Road to Wolf Road (1.7 – 3.6 mile-marker). There will be road closures each day between March 25th and April 12th for pipe replacements. Milling and paving will follow upon completion of the pipe work.  Motorists should seek an alternate route during closure.


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 *I-275 (Combs-Hehl Bridge) 73 – 71 mile-marker – ODOT has a pavement resurfacing and bridgework project planned for I-275 that includes bridge deck overlays and rehabs of four I-275 twin bridges at Four-Mile, Sutton Road, Kellogg Ave. and the Combs-Hehl.  The project requires the following restrictions next week:

*Various single lane closures on Kentucky Route 8 (Mary Ingles Highway) between River and Blangey roads daily from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29. Traffic will be maintained.

*Various lane closures on Kellogg Avenue at the I-275 overpass daily from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29. Traffic will be maintained.

*Various lane closures on Four Mile Road at the I-275 overpass daily from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29. Traffic will be maintained.

*Close the contraflow lane on east I-275 from the Kentucky side of the Combs-Hehl bridge to Four Mile Road from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Tuesday, March 26. Traffic will be maintained.

*Various lane closures on east I-275 from the Kentucky side of the Combs-Hehl Bridge to Four Mile Road daily from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 27 through Saturday morning, March 30. Traffic will be maintained.

The following restrictions will be in place for trucks entering Ohio from Kentucky:

•10’ wide

•75’ overall length

•Weight restriction of 120,000 lbs.

Motorists should be alert when entering the work zone.  Lane closures are to shift traffic to the outside shoulder of west I-275 in preparation of a contraflow configuration that will begin near Sutton Road and end on the Kentucky side of the Combs-Hehl Bridge.  The contraflow lane will remain in place until approximately late November.  Click here for more information about this project.


 *I-75 NORTHBOUND (MP 178.02 to 183.08) – An interstate rehabilitation project is in progress on I-75 in Boone County between Mt. Zion Road (MP 178.02) and the Kenton County Line (MP 183.08). The project will consist of an asphalt pavement rehabilitation/resurfacing and the addition of auxiliary lanes on I-75 in both directions from KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road) to US 42.  The speed limit will be reduced by 10 MPH in the project areaDouble fines will be issued in the work zone.

Construction is expected to be completed in two phases:

• Phase 1, construction of the northbound merging lane and northbound pavement work from the Mt. Zion Road interchange north to mile marker 183, will take place between spring and fall 2019.

• Phase 2, construction of the southbound merging lane and southbound pavement work from the mile marker 183 south to the Mt. Zion Road interchange, is anticipated to take place between spring and fall 2020.

Motorists should watch for work crews, equipment, lane closures, and trucks entering and exiting traffic throughout the work zone.

*KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road) – A project is in progress on Pleasant Valley Road between Valley View Drive and Rogers Lane. The roadway is being widened and re-aligned and includes construction of a bridge and roundabout. The project will also include a multi-use path on both sides of the road. Motorists should be aware of flaggers for lane closures throughout the project.

*A safety improvement project which includes improvements to signals, striping, signing, and sidewalk crossings has started at the following locations:

o   Intersection of US 25 (Dixie Highway) and KY 536 (Mt Zion Road);

o   Intersection of US 25 (Dixie Highway) and KY 1829 (Industrial Road).

o   The project has a 7/31/2019 completion date.

 *US 42/KY 842 (Weaver Road) intersection (Jug-Handle) – An intersection improvement project at US 42 and Weaver Road is in progress. Work will consist of constructing a new “Jug-Handle” or road named Quadrant Road that will accommodate all left turn traffic from this intersection. Construction will take place in several phases, which will require various lane shifts and narrowing of the existing traffic lanes.  As the project continues, motorists and pedestrians should pay attention to all construction and traffic signals and signage, and watch for construction vehicles and equipment entering and exiting the work zone.

 *KY 237 (North Bend Road) – A construction project is in progress on KY 237 (North Bend Road).  A northbound lane will be added from the I-275 ramp to South Park Drive.  The roadway will also be improved and sidewalks added from South Park Drive to the roundabout at Cardinal Way.  The project also includes several improvements to Worldwide Blvd.  Motorists should watch for crews, equipment and lane closures.    

 *KY 536 (Mt Zion Road) – Work continues on the KY 536 corridor in Boone County extending from Old Union Road to I-75. Old Union Road is closed to through traffic from Hathaway Road to US 42 for roundabout construction. Through vehicles wishing to access US 42 shall access US 42 from Hathaway Road. Also, the entrance to Golden Pond is close. Vehicles wishing to access Golden Pond Drive shall enter via Indian Hill Drive, then proceed down the new pavement to Golden Pond Drive. Motorists should watch for flaggers and exercise caution when travelling through the work zone.  Motorists should exercise caution when travelling the work zone.  Slow traffic and possible delays should be expected.  The posted speed limit is 35 MPH.


*KY 177 – (Decoursey Pike) – 18 mile-marker – KY 177 (Decoursey Pike) is reduced to one lane due to a landslide near the 18 mile-marker which is approximately .25 mile north of KY 1930 (Locust Pike).  A temporary traffic signal will be in place until the repair can be made.

 A safety improvement project which includes improvements to signals, striping, signing, and sidewalk crossings has started at the following locations:

–      KY 17 (Greenup Street) between East 6th Street and East 4th Street.

–      Intersection of KY 371 (Buttermilk Pike) and KY 2373 (Anderson Road)

–      KY 1120 (ML King Boulevard) between Southbound KY 17 and Northbound KY 17.

–      The project has a 7/31/2019 completion date.

 *KY 17 (3 L Highway) 3.9 – 9.5 mile-marker – A highway safety improvement project is in progress between KY 14 and KY 16.  Several curves will be improved and ditch and shoulder areas will be addressed.   While most of the work will be done using flaggers for traffic control, there will be times when the road will be closed to through traffic between 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Portable message boards will be in place to give advance notice of closures. Motorists should be mindful of lane closures, crews and equipment in the work zone.  The project has a July 31, 2019 completion.

 The KYTC offers the following tips for motorists when they approach a work zone:

1.    Expect the unexpected.

2.    Slow down.

3.    Don’t tailgate. Keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you.

4.    Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the construction workers and equipment.

5.    Pay attention to the signs.

6.    Obey road crew flaggers.

7.    Stay alert and minimize distractions.

8.    Keep up with the traffic flow.

9.  Knowing where the construction zones are before the trip can minimize frustration and delays.

10.  Be patient and stay calm.

Remember construction and maintenance activities are scheduled on a tentative basis and are subject to change depending on weather conditions, emergencies, and other factors beyond the control of the Department of Highways.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet appreciates your patience during the construction process.

Motorists are urged to use caution in work areas and to be alert for flaggers, workers, and equipment which may block a portion of the roadway, and other items of concern in work zones.  Motorists are asked to pay careful attention to warning signs alerting them of the roadwork and obey work zone speed limits where applicable.

Motorists can get Northern Kentucky road construction updates here.  Follow KYTCDistrict 6 on its Facebook page at  or on Twitter.

Navigate traffic with GoKY  or via Waze on your smartphone.

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