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Secretary of State Alison Grimes crunches numbers — 41k new businesses created in KY in 2018

Secretary of State Alison Grimes has crunched the numbers and has announced that in 2018 Kentucky businesses broke records across the board – from the number of new businesses to those utilizing online services.

Here are the impressive statistics Kentucky businesses made possible in 2018:

41,530     NEW businesses created in 2018
219,526   Annual reports filed in 2018
79%         Business filings online 

Grimes reminds businesses it’s never too early to meet your annual report filing requirement.

Go ahead and file your annual report for 2019:

Click to file online

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  1. Nancy Teller says:

    Just another example of how the Bevin Administration has made tremendous positive change in the state via pro business, anti regulation, anti bureaucracy, anti tax, and pro freedom policies. Just a coincidence? I think not, simply the first full republican hold on the state in a very long time.
    Right now the polls are showing he still has an edge in re-election. Let’s just hope the teachers unions message of imaginary pension system fails. People will wake up to the fact that utopian pension messages are simply unrealistic and that facts/logic/common sense/care for the future for the state as a whole must be placed over basically feelings, toxic feminism, and glutenous government sector waste and pure inevitable failure.

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