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Covington Catholic High School students go to March for Life, but end up in disrespectful viral video

Staff report

Covington Catholic High School students were in Washington, D.C. to participate in the 46th annual March for Life, billed as the largest human rights demonstration in the world.

Their visit turned into a black eye for the school, for Northern Kentucky and for Kentucky as a video of the students taunting elderly Native Americans has gone viral on social media.

This weekend at the Indigenous Peoples March, several teenagers from Covington Catholic High School surrounded this group of Indigenous elders, mocking and taunting them openly. No one is discussing this. GO CHIEFS though? Kill mascots save the people.

Posted by Chico Capitán Sierra on Friday, January 18, 2019

Multiple videos were shared on Facebook — and the reactions were strongly negative on the behavior of the students and their disrespect to the elder Native Americans. One student, who was identified in the exchanges and is wearing a red MAGA hat, is seen “staring down” Nathan Philips, a Native American marine veteran and an Omaha elder who hosts a sacred pipe ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

For a while on Saturday, someone had changed the school’s name on Wikipedia to Covington Catholic White Male Entitlement High School. Reports were that the school closed some of its social media accounts in response to the volume of comments.

The Native Americans were also in D.C. for a march — the Indigenous Peoples March.

Captured from the video

Covington Catholic spokesperson Laura Keener released this statement on Saturday afternoon on behalf of the Diocese of Covington and the school:

“We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general, Jan. 18, after the March for Life, in Washington, D.C.

“We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.

“The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.

“We know this incident also has tainted the entire witness of the March for Life and express our most sincere apologies to all those who attended the March and all those who support the pro-life movement.”

Kentucky’s Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes weighed in on the incident:

“In spite of these horrific scenes, I refuse to shame and solely blame these children for this type of behavior. Instead, I turn to the adults and administration that are charged with teaching them, and to those who are silently letting others promote this behavior,” said Grimes.

“This is not the Kentucky we know and love. I call on Covington Catholic High School to denounce this behavior. As a proud alumnae of a Catholic High School, I know a school that stands for “Building minds. Living Faith.” would not stand for this.”

Those who commented on Facebook were not so kind. The names and phone numbers of the school and the Diocese were widely shared — and people complained about not being about to get through to leave messages. Many questioned why the adult chaperones did not step in to stop the taunting.

Covington Catholic High School’s website says this about the school:

Covington Catholic High School is a Blue Ribbon of Excellence ward-winning college preparatory high school within the Diocese of Covington. It is an all-male school of 592 whose mission is to embrace the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in order to educate students spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

Our school cultivates:
◦ A Foundation of Brotherhood: Tradition. Lifelong Bonds.
◦ A Foundation of Faith: Catholic Values. Purpose.
◦ A Foundation of Excellence: Merit. Distinction.
◦ A Foundation of Innovation: Critical Thinking. Creativity.
◦ A Foundation of Service: Impact. Community.
◦ A Foundation of Spirit: Colonel Pride. Champions.
◦ A Foundation of Teamwork: Collaboration. Victory.

One of the taunted Native Americans posted: “This is our reality. 2019. a swarm of young, unattended Trump supporters gathered to cause a scene, disrespect our cultures, and put fear into us. i was pushed and laughed at by teenage boys who grew up to believe their lives are more important than ours. they shouted things like “Gone in 2020” and mocked us. i am still in shock. i don’t know what to say other than that i’m sad and deeply shaken. this is our reality. 2019.”

Sisters of Notre Dame posted this response on Facebook:

“We are hearing concerns and receiving questions from the local and national community regarding videos from the March for Life and the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, D.C. While we do not have direct knowledge of what happened and do not hold a formal connection to Covington Catholic High School, it appears to be students from our diocese and quite literally our neighbors who are shown in the videos.

“What we viewed in the videos seems to be counter to the fundamental principle of Catholic Social Teaching, namely honoring the life and the dignity of the human person. We support every person being treated with respect, no matter his/her background. The Human Dignity of Each Person as an Image of God is one of the Sisters of Notre Dame educational principles and we strive to inculcate this within each of our sponsored ministries and impress this upon all we encounter.

“We are confident that Covington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Covington will respond appropriately. We do not condone nor excuse the behavior in the video, but we do hope it is a teachable moment for all and a reminder of the duty we have to be role models of love and mercy for our young people.”

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  1. Ren says:

    What do you expect from entitled thugs?
    They need to be expelled from that catholic school until such time as they understand the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    • Jeannie Collacott says:

      I am beyond angry! This blatant show of disrespect is emitted from a group of Catholic High School students who attended an anti-abortion rally. I am not surprised but deeply saddened. Perhaps these private all-male schools of privilege should start teaching ethics and cultural/ gender competencies instead of attending rallies to police women’s bodies and denigrating the indigenous. These new upcoming “Brett Kavanaughs” are a direct result of this school’s culture. For those of you who are buying the line that this is fake news please note two incidents that are directly related to this school’s misogynous behavior. Point 1 – https://tinyurl.com/misogenous1
      Point 2 – https://tinyurl.com/misogenous-2
      This behavior does not exist in a vacuum!

    • Disgusted says:

      Entitled thugs indeed. Apparently white, privileged and male is synonymous with Trump’s brand of hate, Catholic or otherwise. I can only pray that these young people find some guidance before they are swallowed up by an ugliness too vile to overcome. A true waste of potential for all of humanity!

    • Rob says:

      The students involved in this horrendous and disrespectful incident at the Lincoln Memorial (and within sight of the World War II and Vietnam Memorials) need to be suspended from school for a period of reflection and prayer until they decide how they will make amends to the individual threatened, the Native-American and African-community at large, their school, the Kentucky community, and the Catholic church. Those that decide this is the best course, will return voluntary, with their own course of action which will need administrative approval. Some will not and therefore they will remove themselves from the school/religious community. They, of course, should be banned from future school trips outside their community until graduation from high school.

      The teachers (not educators–a true Catholic/professional educator would not have let this happen) also need to be suspended with the same course of action.

      In the world today, these “students” were fortunate they were not physically assaulted or permanently crippled by other protestors, bystanders, or witnesses. They should realize how lucky their were.

    • Cradle Catholic says:

      This is not a reflection on a city, it is a reflection of a group of people who have tunnel vision. I am proud to say I am a “cradle Catholic”, however, that does not mean that I am blind to injustice. As Catholics we think we have the right formula, we think that our teachings are the way to salvation and we want to enforce our beliefs on everyone…and then this happens! Are these THUGS representative of Catholics? I want to say NO but sadly this is the future of our religion. We have become a people that think we are better and know better than Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus loved everyone, didn’t matter where they came from or their staus in life. Yet, we as Roman Catholics “know” better! We impose our beliefs on society, we give money to the poor, we pat ourselves on the back for raising money for the homeless, yet we don’t want them to live in our backyard. We march for life yet we oppose organizations that provide FREE services to women…tunnel vision…these organizations ALSO provide pre natal care. What happened Friday in DC is a representation of the Catholics that we have become. We feel we are better than everyone else and therefore we hold ourselves to a different standard. That is the thinking that created this mess, that Catholic educated THUGS feel they can behave as they did because they, as Catholic educated, are within their right to intimidate, to bully, to feel superior to anyone that does not share their beliefs. Sadly, this behavior goes to the core of what we, as a nation, have become. These THUGS are modeling behaviors that they are seeing. They are seeing the President of the U.S. bullying and demeaning people that are different than him or don’t share his views, so it must be acceptable behavior. UNLESS, we as parents, say to them that that behavior is wrong and against Catholic Social Teaching, not to mention a just society, they will continue to behave as if they are superior and the rest do not matter. We ALL matter! Catholics wake up! Teach your children the difference between right and wrong, use what the Church teaches to build a better community, nation, a better future. Don’t drop the ball like Covington Catholic has.

      • KS says:

        You lost me, also a cradle Catholic, at … “we want to enforce our beliefs on everyone….” etc. Sorry, but that is hogwash, as is most of what else you have to say about all Catholics. I’m wondering if you are a “plant” or just in with a terrible group of Catholics!
        As for the video, why jump on the overreaction bandwagon? Most people – adults and young people – in the video are watching. Simply watching. Then there is this small group of disrespectful high school kids who seem to be quite full of themselves behaving stupidly, and only one person has the sense to say something to hold them somewhat accountable. Where were the chaperones?
        To say this was Catholic or Kentucky or Trump or whatever is just more spewing of political and religious hatefulness that tries to take an event and turn it to their “side’s” advantage. While these children should not be allowed to go where they will encounter anyone different until they learn how to respect all people, to describe it (as I’ve been reading) as horrific, etc. seems way over the top. Kids will do stupid and hateful things; we need to educate them. It’s mainly their parents’ job, but we can help and support that.

        • Cradle Catholic says:

          KS, to ease your mind… I am not a “plant” and I am not “in with a terrible group of Catholics”. Also, these were not children, I venture to say they are young adults, above the age of reason and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
          I do agree with you, “Where were the chaperones”?

    • KM says:

      Recant you intolerant pos es! You are wrong on every level in almost everything any of you stated. They have an equal right to be at any one of the very histical monuments in d.c.. I think that this is a good learning situation for them as individuals and as a class of children. I would hope you would see it from their prospective. You sit back in your glass house throwing stones at these kids when Nathan Philips is a left wing advocate and involved in continual confrontational situations made by himself. I would hope what he said was true and that he was moving to help prevent any situation with the blacks there and their agenda as adults then calling those kids those names. Tell me how they deserved that?

    • Nicolina Bianchi says:

      Feeling stupid yet? You should be ashamed.

    • CharleenSchuss says:

      Why does the Covington Catholic Church get to keep it’s tax-exempt status, a school sponsored trip and the kid spouting political dogma with a MAGA hat?

  2. Tara Pendergast-Leonhard says:

    Covington Catholic High School has much work to be started with the group of boys in the school currently. And I would say there parents should also be involved in teaching them how to behave in a public forum. It is disgraceful that children get to attend an elite Catholic High School in my area of Kentucky and this is how they behave. I had a brother, a husband, and two sons attend and I don’t remember this type of behavior being tolerated when they were in public. There needs to be some changes and it should include all the teachers and the principal and the Diocese of Covington and all the parents who currently have sons attending Covington Catholic. I would question what is being taught at this school.

    • George Daugherty says:

      “I don’t remember this kind of behavior being tolerated in public.” Tara, this kind of behavior should not be tolerated ANYWHERE …. public, private, or in between!!!!

      • K French says:

        Thank you George. I caught that too. Not tolerated in public but apparently fine in private.

      • Mary Lovberg says:

        Yep, caught that too! So, it’s ok to think like that and talk that way at home over your lovely, white Catholic family-values meal? Just make sure that when you’re out in public you put on your facade of being a follower of Jesus! Pharisees! The lot if you. Shame on you!

    • Debra S Doll says:

      Send them to India for a year to work with Mother Teresa’s Nuns !!!!! Shame on those boys. Signed, Debra Doll, Native American woman, Catholic and Attorney
      P.S. I am watching

      • Dede R McQueen says:

        As a Catholic and Native American this behavior sickened me. It was painful to watch Mr. Phillips and the hatred those students had toward him. No apology could ever be enough. I want to see examples made from these students not just expulsion but real punishment. If my two adult sons would have ever showed such hate toward others they would have been severely punished as it is a direct result of my example. Shame on all involved students, parents and faculty you should be ashamed and embarrassed on a national level and you are.

    • Junk Chuck says:

      These hyenas learned that this behavior was acceptable somewhere–and I’m guessing the parents and the Kovington Katholic Klan had more than a little to do with instilling the values of entitlement and bigotry in their soft little minds. But who would have thought such a thing would happen when a school buses a pack of riled up boys 500 miles to shout their opinions about the personal issues women make about their health and welfare?

  3. Richard Vaughn says:

    I was born in Kentucky, Louisville to be exact. My father, Billy Vaughn, from Glasgow, and a world-famous recording artist, was a Kentucky Colonel. My father would have been 100 years old this year in April, but if he had seen the video of those Covington students disrespecting a Native American elder and Vietnam Veteran, he would have wept. Something is horribly wrong at Covington, and worse, for a Catholic school, if Christ had seen that video He would have wept also because students being taught in His name have been corrupted by the evil of intolerance and hate. Covington is an expensive private school, the students… the sons of white privilege, country clubs, cotillions, and bluegrass and now infamously the product of bad parenting. Shame on the students, their parents, Covington, and I certainly hope the coming weeks are full of “teachable moments”.

  4. Bill O'Donnell says:

    A Catholic school bussing kids to a political rally should lose its tax exempt status.

    • Meghan says:

      I agree with you.

    • gesso says:

      Seriously. It’s so sickening that these organizations who don’t even pay taxes have the gall to send their children to protest the very laws those same kids will be using and abusing in the near future. If they wanted them to end abortion, they’d simply teach them about birth control. They could send them to an orphanage to work for a day, or to a woman’s shelter. They could do a million things that would teach their children about the world they live in, and the people they share this place with. Or, they could continue to leech off the taxpayers in order to raise a bunch of empty headed kids with no experience of the world.

      • ann cooley says:

        Don’t pay taxes…could teach the kids about birth control…send them to an anti-abortion protest…”leech off the taxpayers in order to raise a bunch of empty headed kids …” Wow. This is America? The First Americans don’t have a right to celebrate their culture? I suspect this privileged school preaches superiority by exclusion. I bet no history teacher a Covington teaches history about Native Americans, women’s history, African-American history, Latino history. They pretend we don’t exist.

    • Junk Chuck says:


    • Ed says:

      Agree 100%

  5. Lila says:

    Disgraceful and disturbing behavior. Way to represent your faith and your school boys (insert facepalm).

  6. Mark says:

    There’s dumb and then there’s what these kids did. The Elder is a Vietnam war vet. The parents of these children should be ashamed and humiliated. They may be be wearing those red hats there, but in the future those red hats turn into white hoods. The Catholic school, children, parents, Catholic chaperone Father Jacob Straub are all a national disgrace and failures as moral human beings.

    • D. Ogg says:

      I agree in spirit with your comment, but one thing needs said – military service is beyond admirable, but shouldn’t be required for any man or woman to be treated respectfully, especially by those claiming faith in Christ.
      I am grateful to Nathan Phillips for his military service, however a review of a person’s life history shouldn’t be required before judging them worthy of respectful treatment.

    • Kim says:

      There is absolutely NO excuse for the actions of these young adults. Then again, what do you expect from an organization that has protected sexual abuse of children for decades? The school, parents,young adults, and chaperones should all be held accountable for the despicable behavior shown.

    • Mary Lovberg says:


  7. Shawn Foster says:

    Have some sympathy for these kids, they have been molested all their lives and were forced to go to an abortion shaming event.

    • Susan says:

      Are you kidding me? Deplorable

    • Debra S. Doll says:

      they are elitist, entitled and should be made to go to Indian to work with Mother Teresa’ Nuns – for a year! As a Catholic, a Native American Woman and Attorney – I will be watching this very closely. SHAME on them and their families!

  8. Joe Plumber says:

    home of the MAG(G)A(T)S

  9. Twila Czech says:

    Action needs to be taken for this kind of behavior!

  10. jeff jakober says:

    hope this schools administrators stand by their own rules of conduct, expulsion for all those involved

    • Debra Doll says:

      No, expulsion is too good for them – SEND THEM TO INDIA for a year to work with Mother Teresa’s Nuns!!!!

    • gesso says:

      You can’t possibly believe they will actually do any of that. Their only regret is not remembering that people carry around video cameras on their phones these days. They are made of the same cloth.

  11. Jeff Meyers says:

    what do you expect from children in the state that Mitch McConnell represents? Educate and discipline these kids (and their parents and teachers) rid us of Mitch McConnell, please. These kid’s families probably don’t live from paycheck to paycheck…

  12. Karyn Bromann says:

    I grew up in Catholic schools and was proud of it. The schools and churches of today are intolerant and hateful. I am ashamed for them. When did Catholics become so full of hate and want to make everyone live according to their religion and put down and hate everyone else?
    It’s time to take away their tax exemptions if they are getting so involved in politics and trying to have their religion become the law of the land.
    This behavior did not develop overnight. It was ignored or even promoted by their parents, neighbors, teachers and religious leaders. I doubt people that know them are surprised.
    Covington Catholic: YOU FAILED !!

  13. Susan says:

    I would of taken this young man to the side and explained manners to him. I hope he does get expelled, it goes on his permanent records and follows him into college and employment. Disgusting.

  14. Mahalo Joe says:

    Everyone must take responsibility and step up. Get these kids names out there and expose them. Justike the pedifile lifestyle they grew up with.
    To kill a disease you must introduce a vaccine.

  15. Susan Murany says:

    Your “Right To Life” message and march is a sham. Let us know when you teach, I mean really teach, loving your neighbor- that is ALL neighbors- as yourself. What a disgrace.

  16. David American says:

    I don’t think any action would satisfactorily address this situation unless the school is shut down permanently.

    • Steve says:

      Wow, a few kids make a mistake and you are ready to shut down the whole school! I would venture to say no schools, public or private would be left if we did that!

      • Lilydale says:

        A few kids didn’t make a mistake. This was a school sanctioned event. Chaperones didn’t step in when they mobbed a native elder and taunted him. They proved what “the wall” is really meant to be. A monument to ignorance, bullshit and hate.

        • KS says:

          Actually, I have to agree with Steve. Most of the kids standing around are watching – that’s it. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the ones behaving so immaturely and disrespectfully – and what was up with the one kid standing so close and staring?! Did he think he was intimidating? I would be mortified if that was one of my own kids trying to be the “big man” by showing how small he is. So glad that at least one woman spoke up to them, and I hope that all schools/youth groups going on a trip – any kind of trip – remember that they have children under their care and instruct their chaperones on how to chaperone when kids are being unruly and/or disrespectful.
          But really – trying to blame this bad behavior on the Catholic Church? Catholic schools? Trump? Connecting it to your favorite political soapbox? Do you not know kids? They are mostly great – but they are prone to do dumb stuff. Adults are supposed to help them mature. The shame here is that we didn’t see any chaperones step in and stop their stupidness. A very teachable moment for adults – but not if your “adult” response is to blame/hate a different group. Blaming/hating the Church/Catholic schools/Trump (or whomever else you blame for this) is just irony.

        • Paul Gregory says:

          That idiot with the drum was taunting the boys. Don’t make that fool out to be an angel

      • Nick Farber says:

        ok, Steve. So this is an interesting view on things:
        “Wow, a few kids make a mistake.”
        If this was how you saw this video, I am trying to imagine your view of the Holocaust ( which is just a few notches up from this kind of mob mentality, and began in a very similar way to Trump’s MAGA modern facism)
        “Wow, a few Germans make a mistake and you are ready to wage a world war! I would venture to say no facist racist dictatorships would be left if we did that!”

        • Steve says:

          A few Germans? Nick, I think you and many others are blowing this way our of proportion to make your point. This should be a teaching moment. In my opinion it is mostly polictical, since the boy was wearing a MAGA hat. Why is President Trump being brought into this at all?

          • milbank says:

            ” In my opinion it is mostly polictical (sic), since the boy was wearing a MAGA hat. Why is President Trump being brought into this at all?”

            I would think that this hilariously ironic post was a joke post if I had not seen your posts previous to this one.

            You are a real piece of work, Steve.

      • milbank says:

        “Wow, a few kids make a mistake and you are ready to shut down the whole school!”

        They didn’t “make a mistake,” THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE!

  17. Timothy Vegas says:

    Completely disgusted. Acts like this will follow these boys forever now that the internet has the videos. I would like to help by saying that this has been sent to the Vatican in Rome. Let the Pope see this.

  18. Kenne says:

    CCHS students need sensitivity training. Not one student or elder had the courage to stand up and stop this disrespectful behavior toward descendants of the original citizens of this country. They are following the example of Donald Trump, not Jesus Christ. They were there for a Right to Life rally? People who grow up have the same souls they were born with, what happened to the respect for them? Covington, you’re part of the problem, doing nothing to make the world a better place.

    • Lisa Gooden says:

      I have a better suggestion. The children, parents and chaparones should be sent to work & live on a reservation for a week of sensitivity training.

  19. Rick says:

    I’ll bet their parents are so proud. They are raising a bunch of model citizens.

  20. Robin Meyer says:

    This was the most horrible thing I have seen since growing up in the deep south and witnessing crushing racism there. Fifty years have done nothing, all those lost lessons, I am devastated that no one has taught these boys HUMAN DECENCY.

  21. Colleen says:

    Just terrible
    Very upsetting

  22. A George says:

    One of the mothers says no one mentioned the Muslims and blacks haresssing the young men. If there are multiple videos of the young men on “fake news”, while is there not one of the young men being harassed?

  23. artie says:

    That little snot should be made to look at that picture every day. When he matures and realizes what he did, it will stay with him the rest of his life and hopefully make him a more compassionate person.

  24. Jen says:

    Most accurate depiction of trump supporters and anti women’s rights I’ve seen. Video tells the story in 30 seconds. Be best Kentucky. Be best.

  25. Craig Smith says:

    Who would have thought the largest organized pedophilia group in the World could cultivate such racism?
    And I a forward thinking State like Kentucky.
    Thanks for making atheism feel so good.

  26. Lori says:

    This is disgusting!! You claim to teach “Brotherhood” !!! How is this Brotherhood??? You should be ashamed and closed if this is what you are putting out in the world!!

  27. Freddie jack says:

    A screen shot of every individual face should be posted so that college admissions officers can look up any applicant from this school, and deny them admission. Let them pay for their racism with a life of flipping burgers as a warning to others.

  28. Connie says:

    Lets not pull politics into this! It’s shameful behavior. Even a 5 year old knows when they’ve done wrong. These are spoiled kids whose parents probably ..I SAY PROBABLY.. have no clue what they’re up to because they’re busy. Too busy. This type of behavior began many years ago when teachers rights to discipline was taken away, then parents weren’t able to discipline. Kids have the upper hand. You can’t even talk to them, they cry “verbal abuse”. Let’s use all measures to actually discipline, be that expelling, and up to non re-enrollment. They are too close to adulthood to treat them like babies. If the parents can afford high tuition type school, send them to military school.

    • George Daugherty says:

      How can you NOT pull politics into this? These young men are already, or nearly, of voting age. They were wearing the caps and sweatshirts — and slogan — of the Trump political movement. THEY chose to make their “protest” political.

    • George daugherty says:

      How can one NOT pull politics into this? As you yourself pointed out, these young men are almost adults. Many of them might already be of legal voting age. THEY were wearing the red MAGA hats and sweatshirts carrying the campaign slogan of the Trump political movement. In doing so, THEY made this political. THEY bear the responsibility. They are not children, they are old enough to know the difference between what’s rights and what’s wrong. To blame parents, or teachers, will not help these thugs to become responsible adults. They are already adults.

    • Pam Day says:

      So with you on your comments. Went to Catholic schools for all but 3 years 1st through college. I’m so disgusted by the smirk on that kid’s face daring anyone to say or do anything. Entitled attitude and most likely has had parents excusing bad behavior most of his life. Showing off for his buddies who were applauding and laughing at his behavior. At times I’m almost ashamed to say I’m Catholic.

    • Nick Fedder says:

      “Lets not pull politics into this! ”
      Excuse me!! They were all wearing Trump Facist uniforms. they brought the politics into this
      They self identified as advocates of a political position

  29. Bob says:

    What an absolute disgrace. I think it’s time for people who’ve intertwined their faith too zealously with right-wing politics and its associated ethnic bigotry to step back and acknowledge how much they’ve corrupted their beliefs. These smug little brats are the product of your teaching. Watch them and hang your heads in shame.

  30. Lisa Gooden says:

    There will be a small group of parents who will say about this event that boys will be boys. These are the parents who coerce teachers into raising the grades of their child who did not take his education seriously. These are the parents who will think nothing of what occurred even though their child has embarrassed their community, family, friends, school and church. More importantly, the Catholic church will probably be linent with these boys because historically the church does not handle controversy well. As for the boys, they will not have learned anything. What happen will be their badge of honor. Unfortunately, this badge will not be honored when they apply to college, run for office and many other of life’s opportunities. BTW, where were the adults who were suppose to be supervising the children?

  31. Marilyn says:

    The adults accompanying this group to their Right To Life rally could have stopped this and chose not to.. I agree with David American’s comment in that this situation can not be swept under the rug until the “National Blue Ribbon School” is shut down. Boarded up. Principal sent packing.

    Short of that, suspensions for all taking part in this un-American display and EXPULSION for the student who was smirking and standing literally in the face of the Native American Viet Nam veteran.

    I taught school for 30 years and I guarantee you that student would never enter my classroom again. Such arrogance! Such ignorance and cruelty!

  32. Donna Cain-Ruiz says:

    The Secretary of State calls them ‘children”, they are not children they are young adults and should be held responsible for their actions. To ridicule a Vietnam Vet, respected Native American elder, is beyond despicable. They laugh now, but I hope they are disciplined to the fullest. As a Catholic and Native American, shame on everyone involved in this.

  33. Matt says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this catholic ugliness. Isn’t this the same catholic “church” that started the Inquisition where hundreds of thousands were tortured, murdered and burned, the same ‘church” that spent hundreds of years executing anyone who simply learned how to read, the philosophy that, over 1000 years, helped mass murder, torture and steal from the Jewish people who shared the same religion with Jesus. Isn’t this the same crew that stole all it’s concepts from previous religions except for the idea of Hell which they stole from Dante. Christianity forced Indian kids to dress like americans, get rid of their haircuts and stop speaking their native language AND sold South American people into slavery. Let’s not forget they bent over backwards helping nazi war criminals escape justice and hide in South America. They’re anti birth control, but do nothing to help the poverty stricken millions their greed for members brought into this world. This is S.O.P. for this so called religion

  34. G Talbot says:

    Shame on your crappy school!

  35. Andrew Cust says:

    As a Catholic who studied the teachings of Jesus extensively I can only believe that if Jesus was there then he would have stood alongside and embraced Mr. Philips. Then what side does that put the boys of Covington on? That is the first thing that I would ask them. Then I would ask them to make amends. That is how they become adults.

  36. Dwight says:

    Way to go Kentucky, living up to what so many think of your backwards ass state. This behavior is abhorrent at best. The parents of these disrespectful little monsters should be so ashamed. The school responsible for educating them should be ashamed, they are failing at their only job. Not surprising though that a Catholic School is failing at teaching morals given the church’s history of covering for pedophiles and such.

  37. Debra S Doll, Esq., LLM says:

    I am calling the Pope – he can tell them to go work in India with Mother Teresa’s Nuns or be expelled from the Catholic Faith!!!! Signed, A Native American Woman, CATHOLIC and Attorney – I am watching this one. No sitting on the sofa for me on this one!

  38. Greywolf says:

    As a Native American, Catholic, former alter boy, former Catholic school student and former Catholic university student (Gonzaga) it is beyond belief that this kind of racism toward Native Americans is still being taught and allowed in a Catholic High School today. Yes, I said “taught and allowed”. Not one of the priests, nuns or instructors where I attended mass or school would have allowed this kind of behavior. I am ashamed for our church, our faith, our institutions of higher learning and for the parents of these racist young men.

    • Paul Gregory says:

      But you think it’s fine for Mr. Phillips to walk up to the boy and bang his drum in his face? That was disgusting.

  39. Bill Russell says:

    Where were the chaperones? Did they condone this action? What are the consequences?

  40. Justin says:

    Should we expect any less from Trump supporters?

  41. Ann Carberry says:

    Close the school if this is the result of a Catholic education in KY. I am ashamed to be a Catholic. The hypocraxy of Boeing”pro-life” and then doing something like this.

    Expel these Trumpites.

  42. Syzabbe says:

    Shame on your school and teachings. You are an embarrassment to Catholics and the doctrine. Who is teaching these things at this school that such a lack of human kindness can go on like this? You really need to think about how you are teaching if this type of thing can happen. Something big has failed here. I will pray for you all.

  43. KathleenM1 says:

    Not terribly surprising that these Catholic boys-schoolers who traveled hundreds of miles to protest against women’s reproductive rights are the same ones who would threaten a Native American veteran. Glad the world can now see exactly who and what these Christian thugs are.

    And let’s hope the names are released soon, so any college that made the mistake of extending an offer to any senior in this video can correct their mistake. Let these Trump-loving MAGAts end up at some backwater Bible school.

    Hey, MAGAts, you’re about to learn that the Internet lasts forever.

  44. Linda Starbard says:

    The church, school and parents all failed these young adults. The young people have failed themselves. Not only their behavior is bad, but they fail to understand that Native Americans are the first people of the United States. If we had built the wall as they loudly chanted. They would not be in this country.

  45. KathleenM1 says:

    So this is what is taught in the Jesusy schools in hillbilly Trump-land, eh? Please keep your MAGA-hatted thugs there in Appalachia, you’re not ready to live in civilized places yet.

  46. Shawn Jacobs says:

    Wow, thats horrible. That’s not following in the footsteps of Jesus. What on God’s earth is that school teaching? That school should expel ALL of those students ASAP. The chaperones should be fired ASAP, then the school should probably close. It is clear they are not following the ways of Christ or teaching it.

  47. Meredith says:

    You are identifying the wrong person. You should be careful when contributing to ruing a young person’s reputation.

  48. Patrick Joseph Young says:

    Latino Catholics should boycott this diocese until action is taken against the racist students and administrators involved.

  49. Elle says:

    The young adults and their parents should meet with Mr. Nathan Phillips and apologize…then volunteer for a year helping veterans in hospitals while studying Native American history and the history of the Vietnam War.

    • Monica says:

      Apologize? Mr. Phillips beat his drum in that young man’s ear. If I were his parent apologizing would be the last thing I would do. Watch the other videos. I’m sure the students weren’t completely innocent but neither were the adults that were there. As one Native American put it the students should go back to Europe where they came from. Two wrongs don’t make a right. From watching the videos there’s more to the story than is being reported.

  50. Jane says:

    The Catholic Church has been hiding children that have been molested , and now we see they are hiding how they are educating young people , to disrespect elderly people and hate people, if you drug tested these people you would find they are smoking pot also

  51. Ike (Ira) Rosen says:

    The Diocese & school may “condemn” their actions, but the poor education, sense privilege and lack of respect for others are all a product of THEIR parochial education.

    A holy man and his assistants were engaged in a sacred ceremony.
    Grinning young men stood around them mocking that ceremony and one stood gave to face with the celebrant.

    Imagine if in the middle of your church service a group of strangers walked over and began to mockingly mimic your ritual, while one stood toe to toe with the pastor, grinning.

    A question for the Diocese and Covington HS faculty:

    How about teaching your students the sanctity of ALL humans? These “fine examples of Christian youth” should be demonstrating AGAINST the refugee policies, instead of harassing those who their ancestors drove from their homes.

    And where were the chaperones?

  52. Kepler Nutini says:

    Literally not surprised at all. I went to Dixie but several of my friends went to Covington Catholic. They used to get bullied and regularly beat up with the teachers excusing it as “horse play”. One of my friends got his ear drums busted from some idiot jock boxing his ears and no one did anything until an attorney got involved. This school breeds violence and inequality. I’m just so thankful their code of Shane has been taken mainstream. I just pray to god they finally address the prejudice and racism that literally defines this school.

  53. Mary Hamilton says:

    This is what the Trump era has created! I hope they will identify each and every student that was involved in this disgusting event and post their picture and name in national newspapers! These kids probably don’t even know what Trump is for or against…they are following their parents…Kentucky is the home of Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell and their beliefs are more about making Trump happy and winning…Not someone I would call true Americans! I also agree that any school or church involved in politics should not be tax exempt…I do hope the pope gets involved in this!

  54. Jackie Q says:

    Congrats to these boys for ruining any prospects they may have had for getting into a good college or getting a good job. The internet does not forget. Too bad kids, you are done. You can take your MAGA hats with you when you go to your job cleaning bathrooms at the local gas station.

  55. GFY says:

    MAGA, private Christian school, Kentucky. Enough said.

    Nothing surprising about it. Clean up your act, morons. it’s 2019.

  56. Jane Abernathy says:


  57. Les Edwards says:

    absolutely sickening!

  58. Ken S says:

    Having received a catholic education for 14 years, and being a church musician and cantor for more than 30 years at over 30 parishes in Cincinnati, Dayton, and in Florida, this and other similar examples of catholic behavior have caused me to renounce that catholic schooling, baptism, confirmation, and any other association with the Catholic Church.

    • KS says:

      How sad. But wouldn’t that mean that you have to renounce affiliation with all human groups? Bad behavior, even atrocities, can infiltrate any organization that involves people.

  59. Doug says:

    Even though the young boys appearing in the video are going to be singled out (for good reason), but what of their group’s teachers and/or parent escorts? Where were they at this moment?

  60. Bob Sears says:

    What’s revealing is the fact that the Indigenous Peoples March had absolutly nothing to do with the March for Life that these boys represented (and Covington Catholic High School). They make the “waving goodbye” boys at Baraboo High School, WI proud.

    I did stupid things when I was their age. What these boys did wasn’t stupid. It was dangerous.

  61. Marco says:

    The saddest part is that bystanders did nothing. We are all responsible for STOPPING hate andintimidation.

  62. roseline berry says:

    What isn’t widely known is that Catholic Church hierarchy has made it very clear, for many years, that our very salvation is at stake unless we vote “correctly”. Pro-Life (pro-birth) is issue # 1. above all others. The Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics lists this issue as “non-negotiable for Catholic voters”. Locally, a respected RC high School held a mock presidential election in 2016…77% “voted their Catholic faith” (“as taught in the home as well as in the school’)… and voted for the “pussy”‘ grabber. Justice Kavanaugh is the poster-child for the elitist, white-privilege culture all too prevalent
    in our schools.

  63. Kathleen Rickert says:

    What happened to the doctrine of social justice?

  64. Maria Sullivan says:

    Miserable punk. I am a lifelong Catholic teacher. Who raised this horrible kid? Who tolerated his smug, disgusting behavior?

  65. Richard Darga says:

    Wow… As a Catholic working to help raise peoples lives around the world… I am ashamed for my country and my Catholicism. How can a group of pro-life young adults be so anti-life? Did they not listen in reiigion class? I am afraid that Trumpism is their new religion. They have converted. They did not listen in history class either. It was not so long ago that many Americans would have loved to build a wall to keep Catholics out. Nancy Pelosi is right a wall is immoral and I call on the Catholic Church to make sure that they teach this message especially at Covington Catholic High School.

  66. Connecticutian says:

    The only revenge is the permanence of their mugs (and soon likely their *real* names) on the Internet. Have a nice life, fellas.

  67. James Haddon says:

    Eliminate the white privileged as*hole, who is staring down Nathan Phillips, from school. Expel the human scum. That will be his teachable moment. Then no school will accept him. He will not have a proper graduation. He will have to get his GED.

  68. Lori Jones says:

    Why do such immature, ignorant, arrogant religious right wing Trump fanatics get to attend and march regarding females reproductive choices of their own bodies? These are the creeps that grow up to rape at college with the same brazen, bullying white privileged Kavanaugh attitude. I am sure you are also educating a few far-right judicial students that will give them three months for the crime of rape as well. What an ugly disgusting smug state Kentucky must be…do the rest of us a favour…keep your deplorable shits at home until you mentor them to behave respectfully.

  69. Noah says:

    They might need more pot to bring them peace since the school and family have lead them down the wrong path. Terrible… just such a let down. They want to save lives yet they are ready to intimidate, harm. Probably kill, those they feel are beneath them. It is what the privileged have done. For hundreds of years

  70. VERA says:

    Who could ever imagine Saint Francis, Mother Theresa or Pope Francis behaving in this manner? If there is One GOD, the Omaha and the Catholics worship the same GOD. Would GOD be proud of those teens or Nathan Phillips? Is this the plan for Make America Great Again? If this is the plan, America will pass. This is not the America we aspire to create.

    How do we fix this? First of all, parents need to put their children in the room with Nathan Phillips and ensure sincere apologies from every face on every video that we have watched around the world. Next, the next mission trip should be to an Omaha Nation community. Spend time as supervised tutors and community workers. What did Jesus do when Peter fell asleep in the Garden while He prayed? What did Jesus do when the money changers set up shop at the Temple? What did Jesus do when the crowd accosted Him at the edge of the cliff? How were these young men taught to respond in the face of people of other faiths? Parents are quick to exclaim, “Not my Johnny!” The world is responding with, “Yeah, those were your Johnny’s! What are you going to do?” Make your response match the transgression. They broke and Elder’s heart with their behavior. Covington KY, the world is watching.

  71. George Daugherty says:

    If you go to this school’s website, and then navigate to the section on”Campus Life / House System / “Columns,” you can see photos of the entire student body. In all of the photos combined, there is one African-American kid, two or three Asians, and the rest White White White. No wonder these entitled, elitist young Aryan thugs have no respect for ethnic diversity and culture, nor any compassion for human values. They are being raised and educated in a racist, bigoted microcosmic netherworld. They all need a few years in urban public schools, for starters. Some have commented that these kids made them ashamed to be Catholic, or Americans. For me, it was even worse. They made me ashamed to be a human beings. https://www.covcath.org/campus-life/house-system

  72. Cheryl says:

    I think this is totally disgusting and you and their parents should be soooooo ashamed. This is what our world is coming too???? Sad sad time fior America. These kids need to grow up and learn some much needed RESPECT!!!!!

  73. Erik says:

    What is now politely called nationalist populism, was formerly called fascism.

    This was an officially sponsored and chaperoned field trip from a private Catholic high school in Kentucky.

    Perhaps it’s time for ANTIFA to organize a field trip to Kentucky?

  74. Paulie Ibs says:

    The Catholic Boys did nothing wrong. If you watch all the footage, from angles other then the one presented here, you realize that the boys, who were waiting for their bus, were approched by the Native American and his posse. They were yelled at with “Go back to Europe where you came from.” Some of the boys, many of whom seemed unsure about what was going on, just joined in the drumming. In the other footage you can clearly see that they were the ones approched and that the Native American got in the boy’s face.

    • Mary Hamilton says:

      Come on! None of those kids looked scared or intimidated! They were yelling..screaming..and dancing! This is wrong with our troubled youth..they were raised by parents that continually make excuses for them and teach them things like Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again! I hope they are proud! Covington, KY will always be known as a racist…cruel..ignorant town!

  75. Juan Pardell says:

    An expensive tuition, biblical teachings nor a slap on the wrist from the school is going to repair the “White Trash” mentality of those boys. They are all willing participants of a learned behavior.

  76. Dennis Bloodnok says:

    Disgusting but not totally unexpected behaviour from these elitist, self entitled morons and others like them. these mainly white elitist schools are breeding grounds for the next generation of racists and sociopathic bigots. The catholic church should yet again, hang its head in shame. every single person involved in the management of the school should be fired, from the teachers to the board of directors.

  77. Richard says:

    Behavior like this doesn’t pop up over night. It most likely begins at home. It most likely is condoned by the teachers and staff even if that only happens when teachers look the other way or keep quite when they see this behavior in after school programs or at sporting events. I have no problem with people supporting Trump. I do have a problem with people being so disrespectful that they’re willing to violate someone’s personal space in order to mock them. These brats had no intention of trying to understand someone else circumstances or point of view. They were there to say “I’m right, you’re wrong and I really don’t give a damn what you have to say”. I suspect the rot goes deep in that school. I hope the church investigates why it goes so deep and why it started there. Good luck Kentucky.

  78. Don Smith says:

    Sad day for Covington, for the state of Kentucky and once again, the Catholic Church that has get to get a grip on all that’s wrong in the land of ordained pedophiles. Now we have this. Yet another disgraceful example what students represent once inculcated with with white privilege, white supremacy, one’s elders, Viet Nam vets and no respect for non whites. Pretty much say is all about what’s going on at Covington Catholic High School Right boys? MAGA – hardly.

  79. Billy bob says:

    I wonder after the social media firestorm, if the little smartass is still smirking today.

  80. D. Rose says:

    Is this the United States? These kids have already been convicted before all the facts were in just on the basis of a put together video that doesn’t represent what really took place. Shame on everyone!

  81. donald thompson says:

    WHY when something like this happens. Every narrow minded idiot looks to blame President Trump for this ? So some kids were wearing Make America Great hats. Some were probrobly wearing Nike sneakers too. So should we blame Nike as well ? Also hold Samsung & Apple accountable too. Since I am sure they were using their phones too.
    Truth is these kids learned HATE & INTOLERENCE LONG BEFORE DONALD TRUMP came along. . Kids are not born with this. Hate & Stupidity is LEARNED !!!!!
    I think the ones responsible most are the parents. RESPECT IS LEARNED at HOME !!!! Next the School, Teachers, and Adults Chaperones who Let this Happen. All I can say no matter how I was punished by the school. All that would be considered “A fond Memory” when I got home to face my parents.

  82. Joe Martino says:

    I have a legal question.

    With few exceptions, these high school kids are minors, that is, under 18 years of age. Where were the chaperones from Covington Catholic who were legally responsible for these minors during this trip hundreds of miles from home. Specifically, were they in the company of the students during this demonstration? If so, why did they not intercede and put a stop to this reprehensible behavior. The principal at Covington Cathoilc has some explaining to do.

  83. Lulu says:

    What are the names of the students and adults in the video.

  84. Melina says:

    It’s not Michael Hodge. Stop spreading this false information. Michael wasn’t there.

  85. Kev says:

    If somebody insisted on provocatively beating a drum in my face, I’m not sure I wouldn’t react.

  86. Annie says:

    They didn’t do anything wrong. Watch the full video, not the one the native Americans cut. The boys were doing a school chant and the drummer walks straight into them. They don’t know what to do so they just laugh it off and start clapping along. What is wrong with you people?

  87. Kev says:

    If somebody approached me and insisted on beating a drum in my face then I’m not sure that I wouldn’t react.
    From another video we can see that the drummer has a history of doing just this.
    Even Native Americans can have agendas.

  88. AJ says:

    As usual, the Pro-Life crowd’s focus and concern is on fetus’s only – no show of respect or concern for people past the fetus stage. How can they show RESPECT for ALL LIFE? By not bullying and dis-respecting a Native American man or any other person they perceive as “different”; by providing prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant woman; by giving support for new mothers and newborns after birth; by supporting universal healthcare for all; by caring for the environment (“stewards of the earth”) due to the harmful impact of global warming on all life; and by realizing that not everyone was born with the “bootstraps to pull themselves up”.
    Another major concern is the lack of action on the part of the parents/chaperones – are they in agreement with this kind of behavior? This should be investigated by the school.
    Covington Catholic High School, by teaching your students to care for the unborn by sending them to a pro-life march but then accept disrespect of those already born indicates that you need to re-set your moral compass. I challenge you to look beyond the womb and actively demonstrate your passion and respect for All Life.

  89. Charles Murray says:

    This is sad, that smug kid should be smacked by his pathetic parents!

  90. Glenn Tolle says:

    Who was the adult in charge of this Lord of the Flies episode?

  91. David says:

    That is all a lie, and the videos prove it. You are looking pretty stupid standing there waving your idiot flag while the entire rest of the country condemns this deplorable behavior.

  92. Dr. Anderson Long says:

    The students demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the core values they have learned at Covington Catholic High and at home: Hatred, arrogance, contempt, venality, racism.Covington Catholic High has done an exceptional job in upholding and instilling all the ‘family values’ of the Hitler Youth. And the mother blames ‘black muslims’. The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

  93. Mark Brown says:

    It saddens me that so many of you are taking this story as gospel! Be a Berean! Do a little investigating and you’ll find things aren’t always as they seem. I’ll at least give our Kentucky youth the benefit of the doubt and find out for myself the real story before bashing these fellow Kentuckians.

  94. A lady dr says:

    The young Brett Kavanaughs of this world are sincerely hateful. Thier thug lyfe mentality is deeply concerning. If only entitled young white men were taught to be decent and gental then maybe we could have hope for their futures. Gentlemen is never a term that will be associated with these monsters, just wait until there completely unsupervised in frat houses… God save any and all women who have to interact with these completly ugly boys.

  95. C Eberts says:

    Maybe one source of the problem is that Covington Catholic High School has a pro slavery pro Confederacy mascot. Fighting Colonel in the image of a Confederate officer is not a good way to model tolerant behavior in young males. Maybe one source of the problem is the regular Covington Catholic High School protest at the Planned Parenthood led by the school official who was in charge of this high school field trip. Pro lifers have been using violent protest tactics and spouting racist propaganda for years.

    Covington High School has some hard work ahead of them. Start by getting rid of their pro slavery mascot. And stop harassing the local Planned Parenthood office. And fire the chaperone of this mismanaged field trip.

    Apparently, these boys have not heard the “always be marketing” mantra of most schools nor have they been listening to the teachings of Jesus. Turn the other cheek would have kept them out of trouble, never mind the love thy neighbor command. When you are out in public, boys you are representing and boy did you do a great job of representing your racist school and your racist parents.

  96. Monica says:

    Has anyone actually watched the other videos? These kids aim sure did things wrong however they ctually acted more mature than the adults. Maybe before pointing the finger people should do some research 1st.

  97. Monica says:

    The students did not approach him. The gentleman walked into the middle of their group. Many videos are online that give more insite to the situation.

  98. Nadean says:

    I am enraged by this display of Nazi behavior. I apologize to the Native American man who I understand served his country in WWII. I imagine that he was very sad to be faced with the very actions that he fought against in the war. To be surrounded by a bunch of thugs & cowards, threatening him with their disdain, in America is shameful. This bully, Michael Hodge, should be expelled from school and made to do some public service. I think he will learn more picking up trash in public parks than whatever it is they “teach” at this abhorrent school.

  99. Caruso Paul says:

    Please read the mission statement taken directly from the web site of Covington Catholic High School:


    The primary purpose of Covington Catholic High School is to embrace the gospel message of Jesus Christ in order to educate young men spiritually, academically, physically, and socially.


    We foster an environment of educational excellence and equip young men with a set of spiritual and moral values to become strong Christian leaders and models of our Catholic faith. We cultivate self-confidence and integrity to energize students to meet the demands of higher education, personal vocations and the challenges of life. We encourage respect for others and service to the community. Our goal is that our students will be inspired to continuously grow in their Catholic faith, strive for physical and mental well-being, and embrace academic and personal excellence.

    What grade would you give the boys, their parents, the chaperones and the school?

  100. Doug says:

    Where were the chaperones for this event? They would be as guilty for letting this happen as are the students who took part in this display of disrespect. I am shocked that the Catholic standards have obviously not been taught to the students, or the students didn’t learn a thing. When are we all going to demand that students everywhere start to respect and love each other. Christians are not supposed to act this way towards others. Shame on these students, shame on the school, shame on the chaperones, and shame on the faculty for not having taught respect and honor to ALL of God’s people.

  101. Hootch says:

    Kentucky, home of NCAA cheaters, the worst senate majority leader in history, and apparently, entitled racist teens. Why is no-one surprised…? Disgusted? Yes. Surprised? Nope.

    The president was quick to condemn the actions, and was saddened to see his MAGA hats worn by these losers. Um…not.

  102. scotty says:

    More proof catholics wear stupid hats.

  103. Janessa says:

    I am a Canadian who is the same age as the Indigenous gentleman in the video. I was raised on a 5 generation ranch in western Canada. I spent six grades in a country school where majority of students were indigenous. We continue daily to honour celebrate the history and contribution of our Indigenous. I find it difficult to grasp how a Catholic private school would be allowed to wear a particular political party attire on a school outing. That just would never happen here. Any school sponsored event public or private you leave your political views attire at home or you don’t participate. Plus normally 1 chaperone is required for every 7 students..even in senior high school. This disrespect made me weep for not only our American neighbours but human decency in general. I sincerely hope the students are taught why it is important to treat others how you wish to be treated. I shutter to think what must happen for the United States of America to become more united once more rather than so far divided.

  104. Emily says:

    “the largest human rights demonstration in the world” … What was your source for that absurd claim, and why on Earth would you print it?

  105. Drey says:

    And now it turns out that the whole story is fake. Multiple long videos have now been posted that show that the story as reported is the exact opposite of the truth. Scott Adams has an interesting apology for his part in denouncing the boys. Everyone needs to watch multiple videos, especially the longer ones, of what actually happened. The man with the drum approached the boys and beat a drum in one boy’s face. There were others harassing the boys, too. In every video I watched, the boys behaved with restraint and charity and good humor. They behaved extraordinarily well. This news story is bigoted and unfair and untrue.

  106. Jon Sinclair says:

    Trump Youth in action. Thoughtless little punks.

  107. Patricia says:

    Well, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…maybe Mom and Dad needs a class in multicultural awareness. Look what all that private school tuition got you!!!

  108. Paul Gregory says:

    All I see in these comments are anti-Catholic bigotry. These boys DID NOTHING WRONG. Mr. Phillips instigated this harassment. He approached the boys and was banging his drum and chanting in their face. The boy is question stood there, politely and smiled. He didn’t lift a hand to Mr. Phillips They should be commended for “turning the other cheek” at the stupid behavior exhibited by Mr. Phillips.

  109. Paul Gregory says:

    You’re a disgusting human being to put up an email address of someone you don’t know. Put yours up if you’re so darn brave.

  110. Kev says:

    Even after the tide of evidence has turned in favour of the boys, we’re witnessing the continuation of defamatory and abusive comments as the so-called ‘liberals’ are determined to give their fake news credibility, and to hell with the truth.
    The school and Church authorities should now do the proper thing and apologise for their rush to judgement.

    • Kel says:

      agree. and this Media outlet should update their story based on all the evidence.

    • George says:

      I watched the entire video, and that punk baby boy parked his smug little face into the drummer.
      Any normal person, would not have parked their face right there, for that duration.
      These children were taken to a rally to protest anti abortion, and they don’t have a clue what it means to respect life.

      These kids have learned from watching the media that protest rally’s can have violence, and fighting. They were keyed up just for that. Although I’m sure if it had devolved into something like that they would all have pissed themselves.
      They have yet to contribute anything to our country to believe they are “great”. ( the red bully caps)

  111. Lily says:

    Perhaps these little boys need to get out in the world more.
    Obviously this outting overstimulated these eggheads, and they just didn’t even know what do with themselves.
    I’m witnessing people especially young people, with their, USA is great message, which they assume automatically makes them great, except none of them have participated in making this country great. They are riding on the coattails of past generations.
    These catholic child boys are pampered little poodles.

    Using the little boys to protest at an anti abortion rally, is ironic, as we can witness these little boys really understand respecting life.

    We would all like to see how they are treated once they get back home.
    The 1st thing the church should do, is get the little baby boys to apologize. It’s not enough that others are apologizing for them.

  112. catholic "school" survivor says:

    I most certainly recognize that look on the face of that catholic sewer rat. It’s the same look I saw on the faces of so-called “teachers” in catholic “schools.” I am a catholic “school” survivor, and I learned one thing from these small-minded monsters: Never become one of them. WHY are they allowed to spread their prejudice and hatred on the backs of tax-payers? The catholic organization (NOT a church) is all that it has demonstrated itself to be through history — and in headlines today. SHAME!!

  113. KS says:

    So glad I came back to read updated comments and saw that there are videos that show how the students were provoked! I looked them up and encourage you to do the same. It’s amazing how a clipped video can make all of us jump to conclusions. A good lesson for us all.

  114. Its a red bully cap says:

    These immature boys were taken to a protest. Media has shown the little boys protests can be a place of conflict and fights. Which is what all these punks were worked up to be a part of. They put themselves in a position to cause trouble. Plain and simple. This is what I see when I watch the entire video. The boy parked his smug face into the drummer.
    That kid will attempt something stupid like this to the wrong person and will get his teeth knocked down his throat. Can’t wait to see that video!

    And just where are the chaperones anyhow???

  115. K says:

    Nick Sandmann should be EXPELLED immediately . And perhaps his parents can spend their dollars on some sensitivity training. Just the look on his face is enough to make me throw up. Just another example of privileged white people acting disgustingly just like the unmannered nightmare of a president we have sitting in our government building. EXPEL HIM AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

  116. Sasha Helton says:

    Hey, check it out.
    All of you who believe everything the mainstream media tells you, just because you want to believe that anyone who supports Trump, hates minorities, should be ashamed of yourselves
    The 4 men who actually instigated this incident, proudly posted a video of the entire thing; before, during, and after.

  117. Christine Flynn says:

    First of all he needs to learn how to spell and know what the correct spelling for a bus. Second of all I don’t believe his statement. He should be kicked out of school. That teacher didn’t hear or see the whole thing that went down. He is lying. Saying that man and others were calling them names. Bull crap. Little Catholic rich kids trying to insult these men. Shame on them. I would be ashamed if that was my kid. I would surly punish him at home, but I seriously doubt it happens. I would make sure every kid that was in the circle was punished. I attended Catholic School in Ohio and they would have not tolerated this. This school must step up to the plate and take action unless they are worried they will lose some money.

  118. Zeke Foonman says:

    This reporter should be ashamed at reporting something about which he knows NOTHING! The boy does nothing but smile at the man beating a drum in his face. This IS Fake News!

  119. Anita L McMahon says:

    None of you have seen the full video. You are so wrong on this. This group of black activists and native Americans approached this group of high school kids, who were waiting on their bus. This group of activists called these kids vulgar and disgusting names, simply because of the hats they were wearing. They brought a camera man to video tape what they wanted to show. The kids were not yelling Build the Wall. They were yelling school chants to drown out the vulgar language of these activists.
    You had better get your story right before you make all you mean and unfair comments.

  120. William Ripskull says:

    Boy, what a bunch of hateful comments from the gullible Left who believe anything and everything the Pravda-like MSM feeds them, in this case the false mischaracterization and attempted character assassination of any (and really all) people who attended the Right to Life March. Read Nick Sandmann’s, the student, account of the events that unfolded, keeping in mind that ALL video recorded at the event, support and substantiate his version of events.

  121. Don Newlon says:

    These young adults are owed apologies from a lot of people even thier own throw them under the bus. They should have a winnable lawsuit. Defamation of character.

  122. JimoK says:

    Were the heck were the Covington chaperones!!!!????

  123. P Claxton says:

    Well we can see this young guy in in denial and a future lying politician of the Republican party no doubt. He is the perfect head to wear the MAGA had. Only people like this kid need a hat that says MAHA…MAKING AMERICA HATE AGAIN.
    The apple and the tree it fell from both need rehab. And this boy needs public school. He needs to know that he is NOT any more special then anyone else. Glad he has been taken down a few pegs.

  124. Mark says:

    These young men are owed an apology and the NKy Tribune should be the first. Shame on you all! Hey

  125. CDK says:

    What about the mocking of a native chant? The tomahawk chop? The laughter and rude arrogant behavior? It’s the people that defend these shameful antics that are the problem. Try to gloss it over all you want your neighbors know who you really are.

  126. Nikki says:

    FYI-the Tribune is only printing a small percentage of comments. I have submitted two and two people in my neighborhood have submitted comments – none printed. I will keep submitting until this is printed. It’s possible they did not print because the evil child with black hair, red face and a disgusting smirk on his ugly face tormenting and harassing was (supposedly?) mis-identified. It doesn’t matter, millions of people know exactly who the degenerate mocking and threatening this brave, dignified VietNam Vet, Mr. Nathan Phillips. Do not comfort yourself that this will die down and be forgotten -NEVER!!!! There are hundreds of sites where all the information you need is posted and comments can continue until every detail of these despicable students, school and church admin are punished to the satisfaction of ALL AMERICANS who are enraged. So predictable-backward, ignorant, hillbillies being represented by the lunatic Mitch McConnell and Paul Rand, the Trump hats worn so proudly when they are too intellectually challenged to have a clue, then to top it off, they were there for a right to life protest. In this one case, the parents of this thug should have aborted this soulless child and the world would be better off. OK, so there is a growing rage about this situation and please participate if able.
    1. The guilty thug must be immediately expelled and NOTHING less will do.
    2. He needs to write a published sincere apology to Mr. Phillips. Prior he must present an essay to the Principal after thoroughly studying the Native American Indian culture.
    3. He needs to personally start a Go-Fund-Me-Page in Mr. Nathan Phillips name to help support his tribe as he sees fit. This page will open with a $5000 donation from the said young thug. It’s just a minimum for a rich family, but needs to get started this week.
    4. The Sponsors of The Covington School for Boys and the Diocese of Covington who supply the big donations, should be on the “banned” list. The thought that one penny of mine went to support these sponsors of racism, bigotry, incompetence, politically incorrect, and evil creatures would make me and many others sick! There are several sites with company names, Executive Mgmt. and each ones e-mail address.
    5.The video needs to be sent to U of Cincinnati to ensure his application is denied. This punk could endanger other students with his reckless immaturity.
    6. These parents should be crying with shame, but something tells me they are laughing about it and telling their son how proud they are. They have to be held accountable too. Some sites are trying to look into any legality in which this complete loser could be charged with harassment.
    7. Last but not least, you can get the names and positions of the school and Diocese Administrators. Of course, they want this to die down so they can do absolutely nothing. It’s all about the MONEY! Just ignore what happened so the money keeps coming – Nothing can jeopardize the MONEY.
    God Bless you Mr. Phillips!

    • Judy Clabes says:

      We are printing all comments that are printable, Nikki. I notified one writer and asked her to re-submit because she had the wrong boy’s name throughout the post and asked her to fix it and resubmit — but I got the same thing back with the wrong name so I couldn’t publish it. Some comments have not been approved because of an abundance of bad language but none have been disapproved because of opinions. The boy’s name has now been made public because he wrote a long statement giving his point of view, and we published it. We’re sure you wouldn’t have wanted the wrong name to be printed here, once the identity had been verified.

      • Nikki says:

        Thank you Judy Clabes for your informative and kind response. I denigrated the whole state, forgetting that Kentucky is a beautiful state with many patriotic citizens such as yourself. I should probably apologize also. My text was written with hate in my heart because nothing can ever take back the heart wrenching and upsetting video I saw. I can not ever forget it.

  127. Nikki says:

    Don’t you love the Secretary of State, Allison Lundergan’s comments in the Tribune?
    “I refuse to shame and solely blame these children”
    What planet is she on? There definitely is a good story here, what would cause her to say that?
    Way to go representing Kentucky just the way you would expect! Also, I did not know 18 year olds are children (poor little babies) I always thought they were young men or teenagers! No wonder your state has always been considered backwards.

  128. Joseph says:

    I can only imagine how your school is reeling over the heartbreaking visuals of your students blatantly harassing and taunting Mr. Nathan Phillips, a Native American Vietnam war veteran at the March for Life Rally. It was truly chilling to watch and it will be a while before many of us will be able to get the picture of that boy, who with such arrogance, stared mockingly down Mr. Phillips. But, what I found most powerful is how Mr Phillips continued his Native prayer and beating his drum. with dignity and love. (What tolerant people we Catholics are often not) Were there no chaperones nearby to be the adults? Or did they acquiesce? (which would be terribly disturbing for your school to have to face it that were the case)

    I have read where your Bishop and the school administration disavow such cruel student behavior, but time will tell. Covington Catholic High School needs to take a hard look into its core. What were the values spoken or more importantly, unspoken that empowered an older student to demean the heart, soul and spirituality of an old Native American man?

    Every school and every educator hasb their days of reckoning when we have to stop and ask ourselves, ‘are we truly touching hearts and shaping young people or are we entitling a generation of future hateful adults ‘?

    I know that if I were on the faculty, administration or staff of Covington Catholic I would hang my head in shame today knowing that I, along with my colleagues, failed in teaching my students that being American is not a narrow privilege afforded to only people who look and look and act like “me”.

    Many of us across the country and in the Catholic Community pray that Covington Catholic will strive to replace arrogance and entitlement with kindness and humility.

  129. xyz says:

    There were two protests — one about abortion, and the other an Indian march, and their wasn’t a lot of respect from either side. I noticed the article calls for adult intervention, and I have to ask, isn’t the elderly man with a drum old enough to know better? I think so. Teenagers do a lot of dumb stuff. They were minding their own business until he came over and faced them down. It was his decision, not theirs.

  130. RJR says:

    Have any of you people watched the 2 hour video or read the factual version of the true events? Wow. If I am any of these kids or this school, I would sue the writer of this article for leaving it up. You all are a disgrace to the human race. These kids were INNOCENT of the lies being spread. The elder walked into the group- proven by video. No one chanted anything close to build that wall, rather the black Israelite’s were screaming horrific things that cannot be printed. The native americans were yelling go back to Europe. If you watched the video as they elder walked up to the ‘smirking’ kid, you will see that at first he is enjoying the chanting thinking the elder was on their side. Every single one of you need to delete your comment and apologize to the kids, the church, the school and their parents.

  131. RJR says:

    Secondly: This story was COMPLETELY debunked 24 hours ago. The fact that his reporter is not only allowing it to stand, but still commenting in this thread as though this article is gospel is shameful. Just shameful. I would sue for libel if I’m the kids or parents… wow

  132. Gtw says:

    Those leaving comments should immediatly repent and ask their Lord for forgiveness. The innuendos and names these students were called are unacceptable. However, not one will bother to admit the hate in their heart is shameful. And they consider themselves Christians.

  133. Ashley Goode says:

    Everyone who commented on here the last few days talking trash about these boys should be apologizing and http://www.nkytribune.com should remove them all if you ask me since this story has turned out to be completely wrong!!! #FakeNews

  134. Sad but Hopeful says:

    When I saw the video clips of the Catholic school boys taunting and mocking the Native American veteran a couple of days ago, I was disgusted and deeply saddened. I was also desperate for some relief. I wanted someone (maybe even one of the disrespectful boy’s schoolmates) to pull the arrogant boy aside and take him back into the fold. But it never happened. I didn’t see any chaperones there for the boys at the gathering otherwise, I believe they would of have had to intervene so that matters would not take an even more dramatic turn for the worse. Why couldn’t they wait for the bus nearer to the ‘right to life’ march? It was painful to witness these American youth show total disregard, disrespect, and lack of dignity to an elderly human being. The indigenous group were honoring their heritage through spiritual dance and music. Teaching children to be respectful to elders, persons with disabilities, diverse groups, and so on begins at home. The teachers share a great deal of responsibility too because they teach these students for a great part of the day—everyday. The students are also responsible for their own behavior which has been shaped by parents, teachers, clergy, peers, etc. I think that Covington School must spend a great deal of the day teaching right-wing politics to their students rather than the Gospel. Let us not condemn or harbor hatred for these unfortunate souls. I pray that they will each strive to be better individuals. Who among us should cast the first stone? Let us forgive as the Lord forgives. We are all God’s children. These boys will learn to treat everyone with love, dignity and respect, when they ask the Lord for strength and forgiveness. They have faith, youth, and loving guidance on their side.

  135. Benham Girl says:

    Everyone who trashed those boys on here needs to come back and apologize, starting with the author of the story. You all rushed to condemn without finding the truth first. All of you who falsely identified Mike Hodge and tried to destroy his life and that of his family, need to apologize even more. As the child of of a family who has lived in Kentucky for many generations, I am ashamed of you.
    Nathan Phillips is a paid political activist who is famous for numerous fraudulent accusations of racial discrimination. You should have investigated things further before railroading these boys.
    Covington, Duke Lacrosse, Central Park Jogger, and Tawana Brawley are shameful incidents of innocent people’s lives being ruined by fraudulent accusations.

  136. Jack says:

    The short clip of the video is a total misrepresentation of what actually happened. There is a much longer video that shows the facts. Facts matter!
    The facts are the minors from the high school withstood horrific hate speach from many on the scene and only responded by signing he school song and not moving from being confronted by an angry adult trying to intimidare them.
    Facts matter and this is one more of many media stories that are totally misleading and not representing the facts.
    What the Catholic students endurred from the protesters and the media is hate speach, prejudice and bullying.

  137. grace says:

    I was saddened to see this video and the disrespect shown. However, knowing how the mainstream media likes to stir things up in order to support their own agenda, I looked further.
    There is a statement by the young man on the internet as to what happened and why his fellow students were chanting their school spirit song, etc.. There is also a FULL video of the incident. From watching that video, I see a group of students harassed by the Black Hebrew Israelites. I see a Native American elderly man beating a drum in the face of a young kid who looks embarrassed and uneasy.
    Because of the half truths and bias of the media this boy, his classmates and families have been receiving death threats. Shame on the journalists and papers who continue to pursue their own agendas at the cost of others

  138. Mike says:

    Yes. Facts do matter.
    Explain the hatchet motions and mocking chants coming from the students.

    Boys will be boys?

    Is that the best you can do?

  139. Tony says:

    Good point, Mike
    I forgot about that footage when the boys were making those racist hand motions and mocking the Native American people.

    There’s no doubt about it. This was bigoted behavior. Sorry, Catholics. Face it, we are not perfect. We sin a lot!

  140. Bob Sears says:

    I left a comment Sunday before the other videos surfaced.

    I stated that “I did stupid things when I was their age. What they did wasn’t stupid. It was dangerous.”

    Apparently I’m still doing stupid things in adulthood – like expressing my opinions before the whole story is told.

    To the students at Covington l apologize for my comments.

  141. Tracey says:

    I bet these boys or rather young men have teen sisters that are all on birth control.
    Shame on the Diocese for sponsoring a bus trip to Washington.

    These young men of privilege will blame others for their hate.
    Daddy will hire a P.R. firm to change the narrative


    These families are far-removed from the days the Ku Klux Klan also picked out Catholics as objects of their hatred. I encourage them to look back….but sadly, I think they will continue to excuse their own bad behavior mired in hatred.
    So many older Catholics have drunk the Trump and Fox News and Rush Limbach Kool-Aid!

    Child Catholic but Catholic No Longer

  142. Jpk says:

    I have read this article and all the comments. Most of you at the beginning of the comments should be ashamed of yourselves and the so-called reporter who wrote this story. There should be a retraction from this site and all of you who trashed these kids should take a good hard look in the mirror.
    This whole situation is disgusting the media made villains out of these kids, they did nothing wrong. Just because they don’t support your political views doesn’t give you all the right to attack the youth of our country. You adults should be ashamed of yourselves. This article is a complete farce and this is what happens when the media doesn’t do their job. DISGUSTING!!

  143. Deb says:

    Does any one know the demographics data for Covington HS? It would be helpful to get an idea of the socioeconomic sector this school attracts

  144. Karas says:

    Nathan Philips is not a Vietnam veteran. He has never set foot in Vietnam. The kids are innocent and it has already been proven that they are innocent. This country owes these kids an apology. They were more mature than any of these people calling for their deaths. What happened to this great country where it is innocent until proven guilty? What changed to where it was wrong to be proud of your country and to support your president?

  145. Jay says:

    What is Covington’s tax-exempt status??? Sending students to a political march with political hats on??? Sounds like a violation.

  146. Michelle Jwanouskos says:

    SHAME ON THE MEDIA and all of you people who posted such NASTY things about these kids!!! If you’ve learned nothing over the past 10 years, it’s that we all need to wait and see what actually unfolds because we can’t trust the MSM to cover anything without twisting it into something that serves their agenda!!! NONE of this happened as reported. If you don’t believe me, spend 2 minutes looking up full videos of what actually occurred. We should all be OUTRAGED at the twisting of this story.

    First, it was a group of black men that started with the nasty, foul, racist language directed at the Native American group. Did any of you see that??? Why not? Why did the media not show this? Or when one of the Native Americans calmly went up to them and asked them to stop?

    Second, the reporting that the kids were making fun of the Native Americans was an UTTER LIE!!! They were first doing their school chants to drown out what the foul-mouthed black activists were saying about the Indians.

    Third, it was the IDIOT Native American activist went who approached the kids (not the other way around as he first stated…then retracted.) When he did that, the kids thought they were banding together, so they were jumping in time with the drums and smiling. Suddenly they realized the activist was not there in solidarity, but would then LIE about what happened.

    These kids showed incredible restraint, and EVERY NEWS SOURCE and every pathetic person on this post who attacks them, should apologize for what is now an utter nightmare for them, their school and their families. They had to close their school, many are being threatened, and it’s all because of how the PATHETIC MEDIA TWISTED THIS STORY and so many of you jump to the ‘white nazi’ crap which is so STUPID!

    If none of you can see how dangerous our media has become, you seriously need to pay attention as they’re part of the ‘divide and conquer’ crowd. Don’t buy into the hate.

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