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Sale of Florence Freedom special souvenir cups means $1200 for Horizon Community Funds

Florence Freedom and Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky joined together for the baseball team’s 2018 season to promote sales of special souvenir cups, from which proceeds were collected for Horizon Community Funds’ Community Impact Fund.

More than 2,400 cups were sold, generating a gift of more than $1,200 in proceeds.

“Our leadership at Florence Freedom is dedicated to supporting and improving lives in our community,” notes Florence Freedom VP/General Manager Josh Anderson. “We are able to do that through a number of ways that bring affordable fun to families, as well as through using our platform to give back to the community.”

The gift comes during Horizon Community Funds’ matching gift challenge, recently presented by an anonymous donor. From now until the end of the year, the donor will match gifts to the Community Impact Fund, two-for-one.

The Community Impact Fund is the organization’s most flexible fund, allowing its Council of Trustees to assess and support Northern Kentucky’s most critical needs, and enabling them to address needs as they arise in the community.

“The power in our Community Impact Fund comes from gifts like this from our partners at Florence Freedom,” reflects Horizon Community Funds President Nancy Grayson. “When our community comes together to offer charitable gifts of all sizes, we are able pool these resources to maximize our impact in Northern Kentucky – now, and in the future.”

Donors looking to support the Horizon Community Funds can get more information by contacting Horizon Community Funds President Nancy Grayson at 859.757.1552 or ngrayson@horizonfunds.org.

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