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Kenton County to use electronic roster (E-poll book) for general election; allows for quicker check-in

In 2017, the Secretary of State selected a vendor to replace the paper rosters with an electronic roster, more commonly referred to as the E-poll book.
Kenton County was one of the first five counties to pilot the e-poll book and then did a second pilot with five precincts during the 2018 Primary election.  For the 2018 General Election, all 105 precincts in Kenton County will be using an e-poll book to sign in voters.


The e-poll book simply replaces the paper roster. It allows for a quicker check-in time for voters by scanning the barcode on the back of the voter’s driver’s license. Since Kentucky law doesn’t require a voter to produce a driver’s license, this new technology still gives the voter the ability to sign in if they present a credit card, social security card or even be identified by personal acquaintance.
It also has the advantage of saving both the State Board of Elections and the county money on the production of the paper rosters and the cost of shipping the rosters between the two entities.
Kenton County Clerk, Gabrielle Summe, said about the e-poll book pilot, “I was amazed at the positive feedback I received not only from the voters who checked in but from the poll workers using the e-poll book.  The poll workers liked the ease in locating a voter and the speed in which they could get the voter a ballot.”
This cutting edge technology brings convenience and accuracy to Kenton County voters.

Kenton County Clerk

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