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Change of seasons has Sen. Schickel looking back at signature events, ahead to legislative session

It’s hard to believe that fall has arrived once again.  Some of my favorite late-summer and early-fall activities have already come and gone: the Boone County Fair, the Boone County Senior Citizens Picnic, and the Bean Bash.

Sen. Schickel

Each of these events, with their own history and tradition, give me an opportunity to interact with constituents, some of whom I am only able to see once a year. I always enjoy this.

One of my main responsibilities as your state senator is to hear what issues are a priority to our community.  Particular issues which are certain to appear before the Kentucky General Assembly this upcoming legislative session are the legalization of medical marijuana and sports wagering.

I have conducted hearings over the summer concerning both of these topics.  I encourage the citizens of Boone County to reach out to me to express their feelings on these important issues facing our state.

The economy of Boone County is booming.  It seems that on almost a daily basis we receive news that new businesses have chosen to operate in our region.  While I do rejoice at these announcements, I continue to make it a priority to advance small businesses in our community.  My fellow Boone Countian Jim Parsons was just elected chairman of the board of our Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

Jim and I have worked on many projects together in the past, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. I have been pleased to see the new emphasis on small business by the chamber under his leadership.

I have been humbled to receive three awards from small business groups this year:  a Friend of Small Business Award from the National Independent Business Association, an award from the Kentucky Realtors Association, and the Home Builders Hero Award from the Home Builders Association of Kentucky.

Out of the 137 legislators in the Kentucky General Assembly, only seven received these awards.

Why is small business so important to me? It’s because more than half of all jobs come from small business.  Small businesses’ tax burdens are disproportional, and that’s a concern of mine.  Regulation is expensive.

As chairman of the Senate Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee, I am the gatekeeper for all business regulations in the state. I have a very simple standard: Anything that’s a hindrance to small business will not move forward; anything that helps it will. Our economy cannot truly grow unless small business thrives.  The benefits of this sector’s success impacts us all by creating opportunities to fund schools, roads, and public safety.

If you have any questions or comments about these issues or any other public policy issue, please call me toll-free at 1-800-372-7181 or at home at 859-384-7506. You can also follow me on Twitter @SenatorSchickel, on my Facebook page “State Senator John Schickel,” or send me a message at http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Messages/S011.aspx.

You can review the Legislature’s work online at www.lrc.ky.gov.

Senator John Schickel (R-Union) represents the 11th District in Boone County.

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  1. Jeffrey Hampton says:

    How many awards have you won regarding educational issues, Senator? Any KEA awards? Friend of Education awards? How many awards have you won from organizations that support working people? Any awards from Unions or workers? You kiss the behind of any business group and do whatever you can to screw over working people. Enjoy your awards from your paymasters, but don’t think for a moment that you have the support or friendship or working people.

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