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Candidates: JB Smith is write-in candidate in Crescent Springs, urges that voters be informed — and vote

(NOTE: The NKyTribune is offering free space to candidates in contested races – 500-750 words sent to nkytribune.com by Nov. 1. None will be published after Nov. 4)

Jeannine Bell Smith

Be Informed…Be A Voter Tuesday, November 6.

I am an educator, not a politician, bringing a new spirit of optimism, transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, a more efficient and less intrusive government.

My mantra is to inform and educate the citizens of Crescent Springs promoting a voice of the people for any and all issues. Silence is compliance and the voices of Crescent Springs will no longer be silenced. You will be informed of all issues to make our wonderful city economically sound, a safe place to raise your children and enjoy community engagement.

Jeannine Bell Smith

My name is Jeannine Bell Smith, I am running as a Write-In Candidate for Crescent Springs City Council.

As a life-long educator committed to excellence and investment in the citizens of my wonderful city. I graduated from Notre Dame Academy, Northern Kentucky University, Masters Degree in education, supervision and administration. I am 100% pro-life. My conservative values have lead me to speak-out to issues that are often left unsaid. The proverbial “robbing Peter to pay Paul” as it’s only a few bucks here and a few pennies there leaving Peter with not much of anything left to spare! As a consumer advocate, I have spoken out against Duke Energy rate increases, SD1, and NKY Water District. Together we will build a people-powered city.

Tuesday, November 6th — Make the right choice…Write-In JB Smith and fill in the box to serve on Crescent Springs City Council.

Only 5 candidates appear on the ballot for 6 members for Crescent Springs City Council. I will work for you and with you. Let your voices be heard…Silence is Compliance.

“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”-Thomas Jefferson.

Vote Tuesday, November 6.

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