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Bonnie Rickert: A candidate for Family Court Judge in Boone and Gallatin County

My name is Bonnie Rickert and I am proud to be a candidate for Family Court Judge in Boone and Gallatin County.

My desire to serve as Family Court Judge is grounded in my deep commitment to family values and the safety of children, my years of public service and having first-hand knowledge of the needs of our youth.

I am committed to applying the law as it is written, to make the future of our children and families brighter. I will work hard to break down barriers facing children in our court system. Finally, my practice has given me the real-life experience needed to run an efficient courtroom. I am the only candidate with the life experience, knowledge and temperament to be Family Court Judge and our children deserve nothing less.

I did not take the traditional route to law school. Upon graduating from high school, I obtained an Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology followed by a certification in Radiation Therapy. My initial career path was one of service to those in need of medical treatment.

Bonnie Rickert

As I was working and obtaining my Bachelor Degree in Organizational Studies, I realized that my skills were best put to use advocating for others. I decided to attend law school. So, as Brian and I were starting our family, I entered law school. We are truly blessed with two wonderful children, both now in college.

Once my children started school, I ran for and was elected to the Boone County School Board. My experience on the Board has provided me a unique insight into the growing need for an expanded family court in our region. as board chair I have proven that I have the ability to facilitate conflict resolution in a calm, fair, and firm manner, always putting the long-term interest of the child first.

My life experience makes my candidacy unique in this race because I have demonstrated that when confronted with tough decisions, I do not sit by idly but that I accept the responsibility of my job and make decisions to provide for the best interest of the children. I am the only candidate in this race who has sat as a trier of facts in handling expulsion hearings, dealing with real life in home conditions of the youth. When confronted with the societal strain on the youth brought on by the opioid crisis, alcoholism and broken homes, I make decisions to protect the welfare of our children.

My record in law school, graduating 3rd in my class, and through my 17 years of law practice, demonstrates I have the knowledge and work ethic necessary to make the tough decisions from the bench. I began my legal career as a litigation associate at Dinsmore & Shohl, which provided me with a solid foundation in complex litigation matters.

For the past 13 years, I have been practicing in a small firm representing clients in family law matters, where I have continued to gain valuable knowledge and experience to serve as Family Court Judge.

My record as a dedicated community member demonstrates my personal commitment to the community I am proud to call home. I am President of the Board for GO Pantry, a non-profit organization that provides weekend bags of food to children who may not know if they will have food over the weekend and food boxes to over 400 families during school breaks. You see, I didn’t just decide to get involved in helping children by running for office, I have a heart for helping children overcome barriers and helping families in our community in their time of need. Regardless if my role is attorney, school board member or community member, I am dedicated to protecting the future of our children.

Family Court is without question or exception the one area of law where the true focus must be on the welfare of the youth. My life experience as wife of 22 years, mother of two college students, attorney, school board member and involved community member makes me uniquely qualified for this job. I humbly ask you to vote Bonnie Rickert for Family Court Judge on November 6th.

The Northern Kentucky Tribune offers all candidates in contested races the opportunity to contribute a VOICES column for this space — 500-750 words to news@nkytrib.com. We must receive these columns by October 31, but the earlier the better, and none will be published after Nov. 3. We ask that candidates keep their remarks positive and focused on their objectives and qualifications for the office. The NKyTribune does not endorse candidates.

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