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Bill Butler: Mitch McConnell is accomplished public servant who deserves applause from Kentuckians

Bill Straub, a Washingtonian and former Kentuckian, offered a commentator’s scathing column about Senator McConnell that is embarrassing for Kentuckians, no matter Democrat or Republican.

These words are sour grapes at best and vengeance at worst following the outcome of an ugly affair at the hands of the left-wing politicians and their supporters surrounding the confirmation of a man whose integrity and honor could not be destroyed even with malicious means.

Too bad, Mr. Straub, you did not have your way, but that does not justify your ruthless far-reaching attack on Kentucky’s senior senator. Nothing would justify such a mean effort as this article attacking McConnell.

Bill Butler

To me these are the words of one who just does not understand the big picture, the world picture, or appreciate the historical differences between our country and other countries, or the forces in play from the likes of foreign sovereign states who envy America and want to diminish the USA to reinforce their personal power trips.

These are words of one who likely has never really reached in life for the levels of service and accomplishment as a Kavanaugh or a McConnell — but exercise the protected right to lash out against those who have set high goals and succeeded too in their quest. These are the words of one who is using the constitutional privilege we enjoy and which a prudent Supreme Court will protect.

These are to me the words of someone who may have lost his way and has become an angry liberal.

Senator Mitch McConnell deserves a round of applause from Kentuckians.

It is a wonderful thing that one of our own has reached such a high position and conducts himself in a high-quality manner in carrying out this duty.

Astuteness is apparent, even obvious, in observing his role; just the opposite of the Democratic opposition, the so-called “resistance.”

What has it all come to at the hands of the left wingers? How cruel can it be?

Mr. Straub’s column berating the person, attacking the character of one with whom he has ideological difference, is inappropriate conduct, an abuse of his own responsibilities as a correspondent — and potentially proof of failure on part and place.

I was once a registered Democrat, indeed for most of my adult life, I was still a registered Democrat. But it got to the point where I found myself out of alignment with my own values wearing the Democratic hat.

I found myself out of harmony with myself, and I decided to make a change, a correction.

I will always maintain a more moderate social standard, while a more conservative fiscal and fundamental grounding.

But during the weeks-long despicable attack on the person of Justice Kavanaugh, I was constantly reminded of that time just before I changed my registration and wondered how many moderate Democrats out there today feel embarrassed by such baseless acts by the party to which they are affiliated?

How must they feel watching this terrible effort to get their way by destroying the character of a solid individual like Kavanaugh?

I predict we might get some indication of how many in the upcoming months and years?

I predict many more who felt embarrassed like I once did will take to the polls to make a statement for themselves.

We shall see.

Bill Butler is founder and chairman of Corporex Companies.

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  1. Marv Dunn says:

    Spoken by a true one per center! How many taxes did you save from last year’s tax “reform” bill? I too was once a Republican but George Bush’s first term drove me away from the party. I’m still registered Republican only because that party will most likely win in Kenton County and I can vote for the least objectionable Republican in the Primary. As for ol’ Root and Branch, his denial of Obama’s nominee will never be forgiven. The best thing that can happen in this year’s mid-terms is that Democrats win the Senate and McConnell will be relegated back to a minority role. As for Kavanaugh, disregard the assault charges and he is still unfit for the Supreme Court just based on the partisanship, sniveling and rudeness he exhibited in his testimony; “Senator, Have you ever had a drinking problem” etc. We expect more of judges than that. Yes, I’m a left-winger – and proud of it!

  2. Patricia Foltz says:

    McConnell started in the U.S. Senate in 1985 (33 years ago). Kentucky ranks 47th in education, 45th in health, and 48th in the best economy for job seekers. That is not a record to be proud of! He is well past his “best by” date.

  3. Carol Cooper says:

    It appears many white, wealthy KY gentlemen such as yourself obviously subscribe to lies as offered by the McConnells and Trumps in our midst. Kavanaugh not only lied under oath, he is the object of complaints against his character rendered by professionals in the DC Circuit Court system. Tho’ I feel quite sorry for his wife and two sweet daughters, I am sad and mad McConnell and gang made sure the recent Kangaroo Court paved the way for BK to taint the highest Court of the land. It’s a travesty.

  4. Paula Tretter says:

    Thank you Bill for your reply to Straub. I have felt his articles have been so one sided, truthfully I only look at the headlines of his and never read them because of the slant. It’s scary and sad to see the anger and hatefulness that is going on now. Unfortunately so much of it is because the only news people read is so one sided. I pray this country will come together soon but also pray that it won’t take a catastrophe for that to happen.

  5. Jim Dressman says:

    I cannot agree with you and Paula Tretter more. I can’t get past Straub’s headlines. Thank-you Bill for reading on. You said what needed to be said. But I am sure nothing will change Straub’s diatribes nor the personal attacks on you by his followers.

  6. Jeffrey Hampton says:

    Mitch McConnell is a much disliked political hack who gets elected because his name is known and he can pour endless amounts of out of state money into a campaign. He has never represented the interests of Kentuckians who are mostly poor and sick. He represents the interests of big contributors who funnel endless amounts of money to him to represent their interests. In 15 years of political canvassing, I’ve never talked with a single person, Republican or Democrat who likes him or who can name a single thing he has accomplished for the state. I loathe him and wish him nothing but ill.

  7. Roger Auge II says:

    Sorry, but those who attack Bill Straub’s writings are the ones throwing mud and trying to make it stick. McConnell, as Foltz and Cooper say in comments, is way over the hill. His ideas, while once valuable and workable, are no where today. Kentucky ranks in the bottoms of every measurable category of state government, education, agriculture, roads, employment. To thank for that, we have McConnell, Massie, Bevin and a few others. Time for change is November 6.

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