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Newcomer Cremations, Funerals & Receptions brings high quality, low cost to Northern Kentucky

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In 1983, while analyzing trends in the annual survey of funeral prices, produced by the National Funeral Directors Association, fourth-generation funeral director Ren Newcomer made a shocking realization — there was not a single year in which prices decreased.

Regardless the decade or state of the economy, funeral costs were always on the rise. Newcomer couldn’t think of another business category where this was true, so he developed a plan for a funeral home that would offer families an alternative to old, traditional, high-priced funeral homes.

In 1985 he opened Newcomer Funeral Homes in Albany, New York; Dayton, Ohio; and Denver, Colorado with the promise of providing families with “cremations and funerals of the highest quality at the lowest price in the area, guaranteed!”

New ways of doing business often take time, and this was particularly true in the old-fashioned funeral industry. But after two years, Newcomer could see his idea was working, and he slowly began building more funeral homes in New York, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and other states.

After what are now decades of success, in January 2018, Newcomer opened its first funeral home in Northern Kentucky at 4350 Dixie Highway in Erlanger.

While other funeral homes in the area charge an average of $5,812 for a traditional funeral service—not including the cost of a casket or cemetery space— Newcomer’s price is just $2,695. That provides a savings of more than $3,000 to every family choosing Newcomer.

It’s not all about low prices, though, at Newcomer. When someone dies, quality service is the most important thing a funeral home provides.

To deliver that quality, Newcomer offers families a host of innovations, designed to make cremations, funerals, and receptions more convenient and easier to arrange, while being more memorable and less expensive than ever before.

Put into practice in Northern Kentucky, those innovations include the following:

• A location on Dixie Highway convenient to the entire area.

• A beautiful, modern funeral home with two arrangement rooms, two chapels and two garden rooms for gatherings before or after the service.

• Large flat-screen monitors to show Memorial Videos during the service.

• A full-featured website that allows families to compare prices with other area funeral homes.

• A planning section on the website where families can plan a cremation or funeral, complete with the cost based on the services and merchandise they choose.

• A crematory owned by Newcomer, which assures families that their loved one will never leave Newcomer’s care.

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After a service at Newcomer, every family receives a Family Satisfaction Survey in which they can rate the quality of the funeral home’s services and comment on anything that could be improved.

After just six months in operation, Newcomer is gaining rapid acceptance in the community, with a Family Satisfaction Rating of over 98 percent.

Newcomer is still a family business, owned by Ren and his wife Theresa. Their children John and Maggie Newcomer are both licensed funeral directors, now representing the fifth generation in funeral services.

For more information about Newcomer funeral and cremation services, including preplanning, please call 859-878-1777 or visit NewcomerCincinnati.com.

The Arrangement Room

The Chapel

The Garden Room

The Lobby


Another Lobby view


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