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Kentucky Lottery adds enhancements to Pick 3, Pick 4 draw games — you can be 1-OFF

Several enhancements are in place for popular Kentucky Lottery draw games. One of these enhancements includes a new feature for the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games which allow players to win prizes if their numbers are one digit higher or lower than the winning numbers drawn.
1-OFF® is a new wager type for Pick 3 and Pick 4. A player can select the 1-OFF® feature at the time of purchase, with wagers starting at $1.

If one or more of numbers are – as the name implies – one digit off of winning numbers, they win a cash prize. All the possible numeric combinations with which they can win are on the ticket.
“With this new wager, Pick 3 players now have 27 chances to win with a single ticket, and Pick 4 players have 81 chances to win,” said Tom Delacenserie, president and CEO of the Kentucky Lottery.

“These daily games have been popular ever since they were introduced in the Commonwealth, and these new features are definitely going to create more winners – which in turn will create more excitement.”
While a player who matches all three numbers in exact order on a Pick 3 ticket with a straight wager wins the game’s top prize of $600, the same win on a Pick 3 ticket with a 1-OFF® wager will yield $300.

“However, on that ticket with a straight wager, they have one chance to win a prize. With 1-OFF®, they now have 27 chances on that Pick 3 ticket. We think players will enjoy their increased chances of winning with this new feature,” said Delacenserie.
Other enhancements for Kentucky Lottery draw games include those for the 5 Card Cash game. These changes include the addition of a Sunday drawing for the game, better chances of winning a prize, and a refreshed game logo. Players can still win up to $5000 instantly, and up to $100,000 in the nightly drawings.
The enhancements for these draw games are now available at all KY Lottery retailers.

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  1. Timothy says:

    If I have 4286 / does 3286 win , playing the 1- off game

  2. Dotson says:

    What’s up with not data for 09/01/2018 pick 3 and pick 4

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