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DCCH celebrates milestone, ‘100 Lives Changed,’ of children who found ‘forever home’ though adoption

100 Lives Changed, the milestone achievement marking 100 children who found forever families by way of adoption. A private event was held on DCCH Festival Grounds, to celebrate, recognize and congratulate the over 100 children and 62 families who adopted through the Special Needs Adoption Program at DCCH Center for Children and Families.

Over 200 people made it more of a reunion for many of the adoptive families and children. The night was made extra special as current and past social workers, staff, therapists, and attorneys came together to celebrate with them. All the folks played a role in helping each child achieve the permanency adoption gave them.

The evening consisted of games, activities, prizes for the kids and delicious food from McHale’s Events & Catering and Kona Ice offered ice balls for all to enjoy.

DCCH Executive Director, Bob Wilson welcomed everyone and thanked the families for making such a big commitment to the children, he thanked the youth for their strength of spirit and life successes they choose to achieve. Bob thanked everyone else for the special role they played to make it all possible.

Ron Bertsch, Foster Care & Adoption Director who was director at the inception of the foster care program back in 1999, spoke of the wonderful stories each child and family has to tell with the great adventure and journey over the years. He addressed and recognized each child and adoptive family present, as they remembered the date of their finalization. The first adoption at DCCH was 11-year-old Cory. It took place on May 28, 2003. Cory is now grown, graduated high school, served his country in the Army and married. He and his wife are proud parents of a set of twins born earlier this year

Chad and Melinda Persinger adopted two sisters, Kira and Mariah marking the 99th and 100th adoption through DCCH. After their finalization in March 2018, it was decided that DCCH should celebrate this milestone and planning began for the June 21 100 Lives Changed Event. The Persingers are both school teachers who said they saw and understood the need for foster parents in the community and they decided to take action. They are a couple full of faith and share a true passion for children. They have fostered and continue to foster other children in addition to the girls who were adopted. Chad stated, “Adoption has been a great experience for our family. It was the icing on the cake being the 99th and 100th adoptions. The children have been more of a blessing to us than we have been to them. We’ve had our ups and downs but the positives far out way the negatives.”

Another family who joined DCCH in this celebration was the Taylor family. They adopted a little girl in 2015. Adoptive mother Maggie said, “We started working with DCCH in 2013. DCCH is small and family oriented. They take pride and care for their families and check in even if you are not current. They also have great therapeutic support.” DCCH is unique in offering quality support and encouragement from multiple facets to each family and child, which has proven to be monumental in achieving long-term success for families.

Other youth who were adopted all wanted to know what number they were in the DCCH history book of adoptions. James who made the 101st adoption had really wanted to be number 100 but did not finalize with his mom, Heather until May 11 of this year.

Tina rang in at 103 earlier that day, June 21, in Kenton County Family Court with Judge Dawn Gentry. Kevin and Leslyanne Creech were granted the privilege to adopt Tina and after an immediate family gathering, later came over to DCCH to join the celebration with the rest of the DCCH crew.

DCCH is presenting a free foster care and adoption “Meet & Greet” event for interested families to learn more. The event will take place on Monday, July 9th at 6:30 p.m. at DCCH located at 75 Orphanage Road, Ft. Mitchell in the Miller Building. Feel free to contact them at 859-331-2040 or visit their website.

DCCH Therapeutic Fost Care & Adoption team

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