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The Primary: Ryan Neaves, State Representative, 69th District; Gary Moore, Boone Judge-Executive

State Representative 69th District

All across Kentucky, candidates are entering the final stretch of an embattled political race to determine who will be on the ballot for the General Election in November. These candidates, however, aren’t facing off against members of the opposite party – they’re going toe to toe with members of their own party.

There is a very interesting design to the campaign process for a primary election. The time period between the filing deadline and the election itself is just a short 111 days. During this period, you have to establish your campaign and be ready for a long ride on the proverbial bus with many stops. Throughout this process, candidates need to distinguish themselves as a legitimate opponent to the incumbent or opposite party, but they also need to separate themselves from their primary opponent.

Often times, there is little separation between candidates which can lead to discontent in the party.

Ryan Neaves

I find myself in a district that is holding its first Democratic primary since 1990 (the year I was born). I’ll be honest, after filing to run on 12/18/2017, I was surprised to find that I had a primary opponent the day before the filing deadline on 1/29/2018. So, while attempting to separate myself from my primary opponent – I think it’s important to stay factual, respectful and civil.

My primary opponent is someone that is revered throughout the Democratic Party for his devotion and commitment to the party. In fact, he served as the chair of the Kenton County Democratic Party for 8 years. In the brief interactions that I have had with him, I’m left with the impression that he is a standup gentleman and would serve well in the role of State Representative. We agree on many different issues that are of importance to the 69th district and the entire commonwealth.

At the time of my filing, there was no photo op, no publicity statement, and certainly no celebration. I’ve been clear about the fact that running for office is not my dream. My dream is to continue to serve my community by being the best Teacher and Public Servant possible. The best way to do that currently is to ensure that Adam Koenig doesn’t go unopposed for a 5th election cycle, which brings me to my next point.

As a Teacher and a Track Coach in the Erlanger-Elsmere School District – time is something that I’m constantly analyzing, studying and utilizing. What I’ve come to see throughout this process is that we have run out of time to adhere to the status quo. We have run out of time to continue with outdated policies and elected officials making decisions for a general public that they’re so far removed from.

My lack of experience in politics is precisely what makes me the ideal candidate for the 69th district. In order for real change to occur in the General Assembly, we need an influx of new ideas and new methods to push our state forward. We need those that are not career politicians to take office and shake things up.

As the primary process winds down leading to the election on May 22, I urge all Kentucky citizens to understand who is running in the primary in your district. I encourage you to get to know who they are and what they stand for and really think about who would truly represent you in Frankfort.

* * * * *

Boone County Judge-Executive

Proven leadership and experience are why I am the best candidate for the office of Boone County Judge Executive.

My record of building a community that possesses an outstanding quality of life and a low cost of living is unequaled in this region. My fiscal conservative principles and policies have helped grow our economy thus resulting in balanced budgets and the best credit rating of any county in Kentucky.

I have fought for Boone County in Frankfort and Washington D.C. and I have been successful in returning tax dollars back to our community for roads and other infrastructure projects. We have fought the drug epidemic and made substantial progress in reducing drug-related deaths, all while locking up the dealers.

Gary Moore

My experience and my proven record of accomplishments are a clear difference between me and my opponent in this election. It is unfortunate that he has not participated in debates, endorsement invitations, and other opportunities to share his positions on the issues important to Boone County. I believe the voters deserve to know our respective plans and what each of us stands for in this election.

I love Boone County and I love working for the people here each and every day. We are moving this community in the right direction and most counties are trying to accomplish what we are already doing here. We are building wonderful neighborhoods and communities that people are attracted to. Our population is steadily growing and existing companies are expanding here and new ones are moving to Boone County. What an endorsement that is!

We are doing all of this while lowering our tax rates and holding the line on spending. Since I was first elected our real property tax rate was 12.4 cents per hundred and today it is 10.4 cents. Personal property tax rates and motor vehicle rates are lower as well. Our spending is less per capita and we have fewer full-time employees, all while the county’s population has grown by about 65%.

So how are we doing this while maintaining quality services and providing for the needs of our residents? By growing our workforce and payroll receipts we can continue to maintain the lowest property tax rates in the region. To that end, we are creating a world-class economy and is the economic engine of Greater Cincinnati.

Over just the last ten years 151 companies have expanded in or moved into our county. They created 16,600 new jobs and invested $3.6 billion dollars here in Boone County. These primary sector jobs are also a catalyst for our small businesses. These are the customers who shop in our stores, visit the coffee and ice cream shops, and buy insurance from our local agencies. Currently, I am working on major projects that will continue this trend and of course, Amazon Prime Air’s first global hub has made national news. They will be bringing thousands of good paying jobs to CVG and investing $1.49 billion dollars here.

I am elated to report that $150 million dollars of highway projects are being designed and constructed because of the newly approved road plan. Highlights include the new Graves Road Interchange which is fully funded for final design, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation, and initial construction dollars. This project is well ahead of schedule and is one of our highest priorities. The new interchanges at Mt Zion Road-I75/71 and Richwood Road-I75/71 are progressing well. Construction is set to begin on Pleasant Valley and Camp Ernst sections of KY237 any day. The new intersection at US42 at Weaver and Hopeful Church Road is also starting very soon. Oh, and the new Mt Zion Road from I75/71 to US42 in Union will be completed over the coming months. These are a few of the highlights and there are many more in the plan.

In conclusion, we are wrapping up the year of planning. We have completed our Transportation Plan with an amazing amount of community input and our Comprehensive Plan dealing with land is currently underway. It is imperative that this work be completed successfully. The future of our county hinges on strong leadership and a vision that will make our county the best that it can be. Implementing these plans requires leadership, management skills, and a proven team of professionals to get the job done. I have demonstrated these skills by completing past plans successfully.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, May 22nd so that we can fully execute these plans and make Boone County the best place to live, work, and raise our families.

Please visit my website for more information at JudgeGaryMoore.com

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  1. Both of these letters are very well written about their desire to serve, one a brand new candidate Ryan Neaves a teacher, for 69 Representative and the other a established candidate for Boone County Judge Executive re election after many years of exceptional leadership, Gary Moore. History repeats itself I said to Ms. June as I read his story to her and I said I cannot believe that he hasn’t at least called me for advice. To which June brought me back to reality about how my time in the limelight has past and the memories of my existence at 75 have past down the road of history.
    However, I started my first year of teaching at Erlanger & Elsmere School system and also was head track coach.
    I was elected President of the Education Association after meeting my lifetime friends Gil and Janet Hammond. Both teachers, he at Beechwood as a Allstate science teacher and Janet as a business teacher at Simon Kenton High school my school class 61.
    Gil was uniserv director for Kentucky Education Association and I was Advance Government teacher. We both spent our lives fighting for education at all levels. He went on to be. Assistant Superintendent of Education for the Commonwealth and I went on to be the last elected Superintendent of Education for the Commonwealth in 1992 with a lot of history in between and battles which seem to never end. So when I read these articles both by my long time friend Gary Moore and having interviewed him as County Judge Executive for my own Cable show, ARE YOU READY?, 422 this Friday and having read these stories you both brought back a lot of memories about where have you been and where are you going. If was to give any advice to either but in particular to the young teacher it would be to listen to my interview with Gary and to the sermon from the Royal Wedding about GODS love and the meaning of the Ten Commandments written by a teacher which, in my opinion was the gravest mistake ever perpetrated on the people by the judiciary in my life time. They are posted on my Facebook page and soon on my You Tube Channel TRAVEL’S STEPHENSONS It is with great love and prayers for you both in life.

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