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The Primary: Boone County Commission — Elizabeth Smith, District 2; Justin Bailey, District 1

The NKyTribune is offering an opportunity for those in contested NKY races in the primary election to make their case — and themselves — better known to voters. This opportunity is open and free: 800 words max., positive FOR your candidacy. Send to news@nkytrib.com. None will appear after May 20.

Boone County Commissioner, District 2

I’m Elizabeth O. Smith Candidate for Boone County Commissioner District 2. (The southeastern section of the county.)

In case this is your first time to vote in the Republican Primary, you have the unique opportunity to vote for and elect all three Commissioners no matter where you live in Boone County.

Elizabeth Smith

First, I want to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to read my bio and where I stand on the local issues. It is certainly a fascinating time to be a Republican in America, Kentucky and yes, Boone County these days especially this very important election season. More about that in a moment.

I’ve been a Kentucky resident for over 20 years. I grew up in Louisville, and I’m proud alumni of the University of Louisville. I have two grown children, a son in Boulder Colorado and my daughter in the Louisville area. My husband Clark and I have been residents of Boone County for the past three years. We live in Union. I also come from sales, customer service, and television background. As a parent, working in television, advertising and as a freelance designer, you understand the importance of taking great care of those around you. I always strived to succeed in making people happy and I still do.

I’m also a rock-solid Republican, always was and always will be. I’m fiscally conservative and steadfastly Pro-Life. I’m also an NRA member, firearm owner, and NRA safety trained. Which brings me to my first local issue the POST program. I believe that SRO’s are a good first start but more needs to be done to protect our students, teachers and staff on every school campus. We choose to protect ourselves at home. Why give that up when they leave for school?

Traffic and gridlock are front and center on everyone’s mind these days especially when you commute daily to Cincinnati. That’s why I’m an advocate of the Cincy Eastern Bypass. The traffic ripple effect impacts business and infrastructure and will only get worse. Truck traffic is expected to increase three times faster than other traffic. The fast-track administration is seeking to fast-track projects like the Cincy Eastern Bypass by easing regulatory red tape and making targeted Federal investments. Upon completion, the bypass will relieve over 200 miles of roadway.

And finally, I look to change the current culture in the Fiscal Court. I have heard numerous stories from the electorate on how they feel there is a disconnect with the Fiscal Court. I seek to change that impression and reality. If I am so fortunate to be your next Commissioner, I’ll serve the community with integrity and refreshing approachability. I truly care about this community. And most importantly, I’m not afraid to vote no when voting no is in YOUR best interest. The 911 fee is a prime example. The upgrade was needed, but I believe there are better ways to fund it. Charging a “fee” is how these things get started.

To sum up, what do school safety, traffic reduction and approachability have in common? CERTAINTY!

The CERTAINTY your children are safe at school. The CERTAINTY travel to your place of business, home and or school will be safer and enjoyable because of LESS traffic and gridlock. The CERTAINTY there is someone like me that will listen say NO when it is in YOUR best interest and respond with caring leadership.

Back to my original point, it is certainly an interesting time to be a Republican in Boone County. Like President Trump, I am not an establishment candidate.

It was Thomas Paine who said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” If electing real Republican sounds good to you, I humbly ask for your support.

Please vote Elizabeth O. Smith for Boone County Commissioner District 2.

Boone County Commissioner, District 1

I am Justin Bailey and I am running to be your next Boone County Commissioner of District 1. I believe I am the best candidate in this election because I am a true fiscal conservative, a strong supporter of our first responders, and I will be a dependable advocate for Boone County families as a member of the Fiscal Court. As Commissioner, I intend to bring my unique skill set along with new energy and common-sense ideas to the Fiscal Court to move our County forward.

Although I am not a career politician, I do have the ability and knowledge to move our County forward. My background as a business owner and my community involvement experience allows me to serve you in more ways than ever before.

Justin Bailey

As a business owner (Bailey’s Car Wash and Detailing), I understand the value of a dollar and the importance of making smart sound finical decisions. I understand how to prioritize, adapt, and execute a strong fiscal budget.

I launched my campaign nearly a year ago. Since then I have prepared to become your next County Commissioner by walking door-to-door and attending countless community events where I have spoken and more importantly listened to many voters. Since last summer, I have attended nearly every single Fiscal Court meeting and met with County staff regularly to truly understand the needs of the County.

The current drug addiction epidemic is not only hurting members of our families but also our community as a whole. We need to take serious action and combat this crisis. I support the action of establishing a 24-hour addiction helpline and working together with our law enforcement and healthcare professionals. Also, we need to provide our first responders with modern tools to not only save lives but to arrest and lock up drug dealers.

I support the action for a new communication system. This new communication system will keep our Fire, EMS, and Police safe and it will also keep members of the public safe as well.

While the economic growth and many other past successes of our County are positive, I will focus on making sure that we have the infrastructure and road projects to handle our growth in a responsible and manageable way.

Meeting our transportation need is absolutely necessary if we want to keep Boone County an attractable place for businesses and for our current residents to prosper. Sitting stuck in traffic is not a plan but a result of my opponent’s lack of leadership, vision, and overall ability to work with state and other local leaders to ensure that Boone County’s transportation needs are met. As your Commissioner I will make our transportation needs a top priority.

My wife Heather and I, along with our family, are truly humble at the high level of support my campaign has received and I sincerely ask for your vote on May 22nd

Community Involvement

Boone County Board of Assessments, Board Member
Conner Turf the Field Initiative, Committee Member
Northern Kentucky Youth Association, Board Member
Boone County Kiwanis Club, Member
Northern Kentucky Young Republicans, Member
Hosted multiple charitable events for local church, school, and youth organizations
8 years involved with youth athletics
Proud Thomas More College Alumnus

Conservative Principles

Pro Life
2nd Amendment supporter
Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency
Fight the Opioid Epidemic
Focus on Infrastructure & Road Projects
Advocate for Boone County Families
Common Sense Solutions

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