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Primary: Louis Kelly, Commonwealth Attny., Boone, Gallatin; Teresa Cunningham, Boone County Attny.

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Commonwealth Attorney
Boone and Gallatin counties

Public trust. What does it mean? You hear those words a lot during campaign season. To me, public trust represents the confidence the public has in their elected officials to carry out their duties faithfully and ethically.
Why am I running for Commonwealth’s Attorney?

Because I believe we need to restore public trust in that office. The Commonwealth’s Attorney has immense power to take a person’s freedom away from them. Consequently, it is imperative that the public have absolute confidence that the Commonwealth’s Attorney is abiding by all ethical and legal requirements. Unfortunately, due to recent events, the public has lost trust in the current Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Louis Kelly

I believe I can restore public trust to this office.

I started my legal career as a prosecutor in the Boone County Attorney’s office under Robert Neace. There, I learned that a prosecutor’s primary goal is to seek justice. There I handled thousands of criminal cases including jury trials, preliminary hearings for felonies, and cases of child neglect and abuse.
In 2010 I left that office to enter the private sector. I am now a partner at the law firm of Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing.

Over the last eight years, I have handled complex civil litigation where millions of dollars were on the line. I have successfully tried cases before juries and handled complex motions before the Kentucky Court of Appeals, Kentucky Supreme Court, and United States District Court. I have also served as a special prosecutor for the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission where I have successfully brought charges against judges for ethical violations.
Some people think that holding our elected officials to the highest standards is impractical in this day and age. I do not. I still believe that our elected officials – especially those who are part of the criminal justice system – must maintain high standards.

If given the privilege to serve as your Commonwealth’s Attorney, I pledge that I will maintain the high standards that the people of Boone and Gallatin Counties deserve.

See Louis Kelly’s Facebook campaign page here.

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Boone County Attorney

My parents moved from southern Indiana to Boone County in 1967. I attended Ockerman Junior High School and graduated from Boone County High School a year early when I was 16. I obtained a B.A. in English from the University of Cincinnati, a J.D. from the University of Dayton and an LL.M. in Labor from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. Subsequently, I clerked for U.S. District Judge Thomas Lambros in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1990 I started my firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1998 I opened an office in Florence, Kentucky. I am actively licensed in Ohio and Kentucky, U.S. District courts in the Southern and Northern Districts of Ohio and the Eastern and Western Divisions of Kentucky, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. I am inactive in District of Columbia and retired in Pennsylvania.

At the age of 15½, I got my first job at Shillito’s in downtown Cincinnati. In college I waited tables, supporting myself and paying full tuition. Law school was paid for with government loans and I clerked for a Municipal Court judge in my third year of law school. The loans were paid off in ten years after I won several substantial jury verdicts.

Teresa Cunningham

I learned the practice of law the hard way: trial and error and hard work. I did not have a father or an uncle who took me into his practice. It was back-breaking, mentally exhausting 60-hour weeks to learn how to practice—something that law school doesn’t teach you. During the past 29 years, I have practiced criminal, civil and family law in state and federal courts in Ohio and Kentucky.

I am a proud NRA member and former instructor. I fully support the POST program and believe that students should be protected at all costs. I believe that if you are 18 and old enough to die for your country, then you should be able to purchase a gun. And, I believe that the current background checks are adequate, but there should be more support and check-guards regarding mental health issues.

Proudly, I have been endorsed by the Northern Kentucky Right to Life and recommended by the Kentucky Right to Life. Life is a blessing and should be cherished. I believe in transparency in government and would like to see the Fiscal Court go into closed session rarely. The public has a right to know how tax dollars are being spent. Importantly, I believe in enforcing the immigration laws and will follow our president’s directives regarding immigration and cooperate fully with the immigration department regarding the deportation of anyone who is in our country illegally.

I chose to run for this office because I have had a successful law career and would like to contribute my knowledge and experience to lead the county into the next decade. I have always zealously advocated for my clients and will apply that same tenacious work ethic to the citizens of the county — particularly crime victims. All crimes should be fully prosecuted and repeat offenders should not be given plea bargains. Anyone who has multiple DUI charges should suffer the full penalties provided by law.

I would like to see Boone County have a reputation for strict prosecution of crimes, sending a message to criminals that they will suffer the harshest penalties in this county.

Please visit my website.

Thank you, and I would greatly appreciate your vote on May 22.


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