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Dart Rush, indoor Nerf arena, open at Newport on the Levee; rent blasters or bring own, leave darts home

Dart Rush, an indoor Nerf arena is now open at Newport on the Levee — and ready for epic Nerf battles.

The location is the first of its kind in the Cincinnati area, located at 1 Levee Way Suite 2108, Newport.

Dart Rush offers an indoor Nerf arena for ages 6+.

The experience is designed for the entire family and contains a wide variety of different games such as capture the flag and team elimination.

Dart Rush caters to larger groups by offering special packages for birthday parties and team building.

“We are really excited about the potential of creating space where families and friends can connect. Our goal is to invest in the car ride home, we know that if we make the experience magical when they’re here, the ride home will be full of engaging conversation.” said Andy Garrett, co-frounder of Dart Rush.

Dart Rush is the newest venture by Andy Garrett, Mitch Kenney, Brent White and Jonathan Willis, who between them own Breakout Games escape room locations in Hyde Park and West Chester.

Dart Rush offers a 1 or 2-hour long experience as well as blaster rentals in a 4,500-square-foot indoor arena. Patrons are more than welcome to bring their own blasters but are encouraged to leave their darts at home. Dart Rush provides the ammo and the various different game play options.

Garrett said the facility opened a few weekends ago and they’ve been hosting friends, families, birthday parties and team-building events to ramp for their roll-out to the community.

For more information call (859) 203-5370 to sign up, visit Dartrush.com.

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