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Letter to Editor: Jason Bailey says tax plan is big giveaway to wealthy that will harm KY families

The tax plan passed by Congress is nothing more than a massive handout to major corporations and the ultra wealthy that ultimately raises taxes on low- and middle-income Kentucky families. The plan will end health care for millions of Americans, raise premiums and further threaten working families by setting the stage for dangerous budget and program cuts. It is no surprise that this is the most unpopular tax legislation in three decades. It serves powerful special interests instead of the American people.

Jason Bailey/em>

Congressional leaders are wasting no time moving forward with the second step of their agenda. President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan say they intend to come back next year and seek deep budget cuts that would further hurt low- and middle-income Kentuckians by targeting everything from nutrition assistance for families to education, Medicaid and infrastructure. And because proposals to cut federal spending almost always involve shifting costs down to state and local governments, this agenda will put even more pressure on Kentucky’s already strained state budget.

As a commonwealth, we are stronger through public investments in our people, families and neighborhoods. It’s bad enough for Congress to shower unneeded tax breaks on the wealthy, and it will become worse when they use it to justify taking away health care, food assistance and other investments crucial for thriving communities. The whole Kentucky delegation should commit now to stand against budget cuts that would further hurt everyday Kentuckians.

Jason Bailey
Executive Director
Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

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  1. Marv Dunn says:

    Jason: Over the years I have read several of your columns and watched you on KET programs. I appreciate your level headed approach to Kentucky’s economic problems.

  2. Raul says:

    I don’t understand why liberals think it’s sinful for businesses to keep their own money. It’s not the government’s money. It’s not poor people’s money. It is money that the business earned. Money they use to pay for jobs and grow their business. Let them have what is rightfully theirs. Also, “The plan will end health care for millions of Americans” is a pure and total lie. No one is losing their healthcare. Everyone is being given back their free will of choice. That’s an upgrade for American Liberty!

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