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Small idea, big results: Covington Catholic students collect nearly three tons of food for Be Concerned

Students at Covington Catholic are trying to “can” hunger. They’ve collected canned goods and nonperishable items for those in need this holiday season.

They’ve brought in nearly three tons of food, mostly from donations.

“It’s just a cool thing how a small, idea can snowball and how all 600 kids in the school rally around it,” said Mason Brewer, a sophomore.

“It’s turning into something big.”

The student government also raised money to buy canned fruit in bulk from Kroger’s at a reduced rate.

“We all take pride in our works in the community as much as we do anything with sports or academics,” said Drew Danneman, a senior who is student council president.

“Community service is one of the main things we do.”

Students also are collecting hundreds of store bags.

They’ll be woven into plastic yarn and made into mats for the homeless.

It’s the fourth year the Colonels have come together for their “Can Hunger” campaign.

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