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Sticker Shock: Boone County Alliance, local retailers warn of purchasing alcohol for underage youth

In an effort to reduce consumption of alcohol by underage youth, the Boone County Alliance has partnered with local retailers to launch “Spring 2015 Alcohol Sticker Shock.” The campaign targets adults who might purchase alcohol for underage youth. Stickers informing consumers of the legal penalties for providing alcohol to individuals under the age of 21 will be placed on multi-packs of beer available for sale in Boone County stores from April to June.

Boone County Alliance Sticker Shock

Stickers have already been placed at 15 Boone County stores, and will be placed at another 60 stores by the project’s end. Locations include local grocery, convenience and liquor stores.

The campaign corresponds with Alcohol Awareness Month as well as the high school prom and graduation seasons, which tend to lead to greater alcohol consumption among youth.

“Adults often provide alcohol to youth who are underage,” said Linny Clod, Boone County Alliance Chair. “The goal of the sticker shock campaign is to help make adults aware of legal consequences of providing alcohol to anyone under age 21. According to a 2012 Kentucky Incentives for Prevention Survey, high school students suggest that alcohol is easy to obtain in Boone County. We want to change that.”

This project is supported by Boone County Attorney Robert D. Neace.

“The coalition and its partners play a critical role in reducing high risk and underage drinking in Boone County and in implementing strategies to change attitudes about youth drinking and the easy access to alcohol in our communities,” said Neace.

The Boone County Alliance was founded in 2010. Representatives include youth, parents, businesses, media, school personnel, library staff, law enforcement, religious groups, health care workers, local government and substance abuse specialists. Its activities have focused on youth substance abuse.

For more information about Sticker Shock or the Boone County Alliance activity, please email boonecountyalliance1@gmail.com.

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