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Love is a Fur-Letter Word: Dog owners show love to their canine friends on Valentine’s Day

By Erin Grigson
Special to NKyTribune

Kentuckians “woof” their dogs.

Kentucky was the 14th state in the nation in a study of which ones love dogs the most.

Sandwiched between New Hampshire and Montana, Kentucky shows a lot of affection toward dogs. California came in No. 1 and Nebraska was No. 50.

Across the nation, pet owners love dogs.

The top 25 states that love dogs the most were:

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 2.59.13 PM

1. California
2. New York
3. Washington
4. Tennessee
5. Florida
6. Massachusetts
7. Texas
8. Missouri
9. Ohio
10. Arizona
11. Pennsylvania
12. Michigan
13. New Hampshire
14. Kentucky
15. Montana
16. Colorado
17. Louisiana
18. North Dakota
19. Illinois
20. Delaware
21. Kansas
22. Wisconsin
23. Alabama
24. Virginia
25. Arkansas

In a series of studies done by pet food companies, states’ dog parent population was asked how regularly they engage in seven different loving behaviors with their dog(s).

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 10.00.49 AM

More than 80 percent of people tell their dog, “I love you,” at least once a month. Over 70 percent buy their dog a gift at least once a month and just under 70 percent allow their dog to sleep with them at least once a month.

The study also found that on Valentine’s Day, a percentage of pet owners prefer “doggy dates” to romance. Almost 40 percent of unmarried women, 23 percent of unmarried men, and 20 percent of all U.S. residents prefer “doggy dates” over romance on the holiday of love.

In a more in-depth part of the study, results showed how state residents view dog parents as potential romantic partners. Below, you can see the results from that part.

Pet owners responded also said dogs help enhance their daily lives.

Just under 20 percent of single men pet owners and 7 percent of single women owners said their dog helps them get more dates.

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 2.32.53 PM

More than 80 percent of owners said their dog helps comfort them and just over 70 percent said their dog reminds them to seek more joy in life.

Over 60 percent of pet owners said their dog makes them look forward to going home, helps them become more loving as a person, and teaches them to be more patient.

In showing love to their dogs on Valentine’s Day, the results showed the majority, 60 percent, of pet owners give a special treat. Other options were specifically telling their dog, “I love you,” buying or making a special gift, posting photos of dog on social media with a love note, and including the pet on a Valentine’s activity.

To view the complete study results, click here.

This story first appeared on KyForward.

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