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NKY Consensus Committee asks for input on capital construction projects that should be most important

The Northern Kentucky Consensus Committee is seeking input from the community to identify and prioritize capital construction projects for the Northern Kentucky region.

Over the years, the general premise for including projects on the priority list was that each project should address a clear community need and provide substantial regional benefits.

The final list of priority projects should send a strong message to Frankfort that Northern Kentucky is united in its project needs and is committed to securing funding for a list that is both realistic and defensible.

Riverfront Commons is an example of an important capital project for NKY.

The Consensus committee’s call for projects process consists of a four-step process:

1. An application must be submitted to the Committee no later than Monday, August 21.

2. Applications that meet the established criteria will be invited to give a brief presentation before the Consensus Committee on September 12 and 13 at 4 p.m.

3. The Consensus Committee will rank the projects.

4. A prioritized list will be released to the public and presented to the Northern Kentucky Caucus.

Projects are considered for their community and regional impact. All are encouraged to provide submissions and to “think big.” Those who submit projects are asked to provide the following information to help the Committee in its deliberations:

 Statement of need or reason for the project – Must be for capital construction costs, as opposed to operating or maintenance costs for current facilities.

 Project impact – Whom does this project serve? Will it have a regional, multi-county impact?

 Estimated cost of project – Cost of project should generally be $1 million or more.

 Amount of dollars currently available – Proposed project currently lacks sufficient funding

 Collateral effects of constructing project – Additional infrastructure needs, etc.

Projects listed by the Committee as priorities are generally large and sought because they are out of reach for normal fundraising efforts or serve a public purpose that may not directly generate a profit. The purposes of most projects are to promote economic development or tourism, provide educational opportunities, or serve a public need.

Applications can be found online, at CallforProjects.

The Northern Kentucky Consensus Committee was formed in 1989 to develop a prioritized list of capital-intensive projects in the region to be advocated for during the legislative session. Since then, every other year, the NKY Consensus Committee has solicited input to identify and prioritize capital construction projects for the area represented by the Northern Kentucky Area Development District.

The Committee consists of up to 70 representatives appointed from business, government, non-profit and other community organizations from eight Northern Kentucky counties.

Since its inception, the Northern Kentucky Consensus Committee has helped secure over $1 billion in funding for economic development projects that include the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, The Bank of Kentucky Center (now BB&T Arena) at NKU, Northern Kentucky University Health Innovations Center, Riverfront Commons and Gateway College Mt. Zion Campus and Urban Campus.

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