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Sarah Lusher: Abused children like Megan are looking for their forever home (and family vacation)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Many times, abuse goes unreported until it’s too late.

DCCH Center for Children and Families, in Fort Mitchell, works hard to help those children who have already suffered greatly from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. DCCH Center also strives to keep these children safe, so they will never have to endure the abuse again.

Megan, now 11, was first removed from her home at age four due to physical abuse, neglect and parental drug abuse. Her mother burned her fingers and her father dragged her up the stairs.

It was reported that Megan experienced ritualistic abuse. Megan is a very strong individual, who has worked hard to overcome her past.

She had various relative placements until the age of six.

This began Megan’s foster care journey.

Megan has lived in 20 different placements.

Her stops have included 12 foster homes, six psychiatric hospitalizations, and two residential facilities before coming to DCCH for a second time.

As a result of these many moves and not being able to find her forever home, Megan struggles to trust adults and make attachments to potential families. This will make it very difficult for Megan to be adopted. However, she has made great strides in residential treatment and has potential to continue to thrive in the right family environment.

Megan is a very special, intelligent, creative, individualistic young lady with lots of promise to reach her dreams in life. She likes performing in plays, singing, crafts and cooking! She likes school and plans on going to college. She needs a family that will be consistent and understanding that they might not get much love in return. Megan desires a forever family. She is open to possibilities, but would prefer a mother and siblings. She dreams of her first family vacation, hopefully to the beach and one day she wants to visit Paris, France.

DCCH staff members have worked hard with Megan and want to find her a forever home.

Learn more about our foster care and adoption program at www.DCCHCenter.org.

You can also support our foster care staff with a contribution. Your tax-deductible donation will help recruit, inform, train and support a family that can provide a loving, stable and safe forever home for Megan and enjoy the experience of taking her on her first vacation.

Sarah Lusher is recruiter and marketing coordinator for the DCCH Center for Children & Families.

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