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Angel Musk’s book ‘Cantonelli’s Crest’ introduces a different kind of vampire; book signing is August 6

By Vicki Prichard
NKyTribune Reporter

Angel Musk created her first book in elementary school, using contact paper and her own illustrations.

Angel Musk's first book which she created as a small child growing up in Newport

Years later, when she found that first ‘publication’ tucked away in a box, she posted a photograph of it on her website which features the release of her second book, Cantonelli’s Crest.

Crafting stories is something that Newport native Musk, has been at for a long time.

“English was my favorite class in middle school with Ms. Otto,” says Musk. “I’m pretty sure I was the only kid in class to be excited when the teacher made us write lengthy reports.”

Musk, who now lives in Elsmere, will sign Cantonelli’s Crest at Four Finch Books at 355 Taylor Avenue in Bellevue on August 6 from noon to 3 p.m.

Angel Musk, author of Cantonelli's Crest

Angel Musk, author of Cantonelli’s Crest

A longtime fan of science fiction, fantasy, and ghost stories, Cantonelli’s Crest, gives a new spin to the popular vampire genre.

While Musk did not read the Twilight Saga series by Stephenie Meyer, she says the film adaptations of the books inspired her to create her own vampires and set them in a contemporary setting with a “splash of science.”

Cantonelli’s Crest follows successful businessman, Grant Biltmore, given a second chance life when his abruptly ends. He soon learns that immortality has a price, and Italy’s Vampire Council has certain expectations that they’re counting on him to fulfill. Along the way, he falls in love with none other than the Grand Vampire’s niece, and learns that their pairing was envisioned in ancient immortality prophecy as a means to unite vampires and humans in peaceful acceptance. But, as one might expect, the road to peace and love is fraught with peril.

“With so many medical advancements in the world, I tried to envision the existence of magical people being scientifically proven in a somewhat reliable way,” says Musk. “I wanted readers to stop and wonder if it could really happen.”

Author Angel Musk's "Cantonelli's Crest"

Author Angel Musk’s “Cantonelli’s Crest”

Immortality has its appeal too.

“I love the different powers an author can make vampires have in a story,” says Musk. “The immortality is a plus also. I could only imagine how it would feel to watch the world change and never die.”

Cantonelli’s Crest is Musk’s second published book, the grade school publication notwithstanding.

Because full-time work and raising three teenage boys leaves her with limited time to write, she decided to forego a strict deadline when she began writing Cantonelli’s Crest.

“I try not to make myself write,” says Musk. “If I am in the mood to write I will fire up the laptop or go old school and use paper and pencil.”

Realizing that there is no “easy button” when it comes to writing and publishing books, Musk published her first book, Essence of Time, in 2014. It is an historical romance set in Kentucky during the 1800s. Absent a mentor, Musk says she has since taught herself about the fundamentals of being an author.

Musk's first book, Essence of Time

Next up, she’ll be publishing a sequel to her first book, Essence of Time.

“My small fan base has been begging me for more of that one, and I promised them an Essence trilogy,” says Musk. “It’s entitled Essence of Love and the third book will be called Essence of Family.”

Musk will be writing a sequel to Cantonelli’s Crest, as well as a story she’s calling, The Ghost Box.

And if she weren’t writing fiction, what would she be doing? Like a good author, her answer leaves the reader wanting to turn the page to find out more.

“Definitely writing my mother’s life story,” says Musk. “You couldn’t make up some of the things she has been through, and I believe it would give hope to others.”

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